Bill Finger: unsung hero will get due credit

It’s about fucking time. lol

Crime Alley

If you know anything about Batman, you know that Bob Kane is credited with creating Batman and most of the characters in his world. What is less well-known is that Mr. Kane had a lot of help. His partner in the earliest days was a man named Bill Finger. Bill, it is said, revised Kane’s initial Batman design by replacing a domino mask with the cowl we all recognize, taking the wings Kane drew and making them into a cape, and changing the color of the costume body from red to gray. Pretty significant, no? This is just a small taste of what Mr. Finger contributed to the legend.

Word has broken that Mr. Finger will get co-creator credit on Season 2 of Gotham, as well as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. This is a huge breakthrough for the late Mr. Finger and his surviving family. Well deserved.

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