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Make Mine Marvel #7: The Case for Ms. Marvel

A Guide to Perennial Underachievement

I had started writing an article about Ms. Marvel when Game Informer first posted their Marvel Heroes upcoming character poll on their website a week or two ago, but I never finished it, and then Game Informer took down the poll as it experienced technical difficulties and Nick Fury was featured instead of the Wasp. (Fury was never supposed to make it to the poll, according to Ryan Collins, Marvel Heroes’ community manager.)

However, the poll is back! Players can go to gameinformer.com and vote on whether Angela, Gamora, Green Goblin, Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man (Miles Morales), or the Wasp will be the hero released as a part of Advanced Pack 3 at the start of 2016. While this means that I can vote for Ms. Marvel a third time (I voted for her in the first Game Informer poll and the post-ComiCon poll where Magick won the vote to be…

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KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue Will Be Heading To The PS4


Today SQUARE ENIX and Disney Interactive revealed that development has begun on KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, a compilation that brings the popular KINGDOM HEARTS [Dream Drop Distance] to the PlayStation 4 in high definition.

Originally released in 2012, KINGDOM HEARTS [Dream Drop Distance] HD is a full-HD remastered version of KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance]. Series protagonists Sora and Riku take on the Mark of Mastery exam in preparation for coming threats. The signature action of the KINGDOM HEARTS series has evolved, allowing players to experience faster-paced battles and exploration at a blistering pace.

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