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My Personal Envisioning For A Poison Ivy Solo Title

So, as I’ve advertised on a number of occasions, I am part of an online movement known as the Poison Ivy League. We’re basically trying to get Poison Ivy her own solo title in DC Comics, and to, hopefully, continue the character development as someone who, while she isn’t necessarily all that heroic in the most conventional sense, IS someone who gives a damn about people and isn’t the type to feed people to plant monsters nonchalantly. I’ll get more into this later, but suffice to say, that’s a big reason why I haven’t been buying Harley Quinn since Ivy’s introductory issue. Regardless, while I’m sure lots of other members of the league have their own ideas for an Ivy book, here’s mine. And don’t worry, unlike most of my articles wherein I tend to rattle on and on (hence the name, Jyger’s RANT), I’ll keep it short and to the point this time. lol

My personal envisioning of a Poison Ivy solo book would be written by Gail Simone, who did a GREAT take on the character in Batgirl Annual #2, and drawn by Stjepan Sejic, who did the art for her in Secret Origins #10. In a nutshell, Ivy would be going around helping people regardless of if the powers that be in the areas she ventures to want her there, or if her help is wanted or even legal. Supporting characters could include Starling, who sadly got tossed aside in Birds of Prey, a therapist from Arkham that she’d see from time to time, and I would imagine that Batgirl, Swamp Thing, and some fellow members from the Justice League United could pop in from time to time. As for possible antagonists, Mr. Freeze would be a good one, especially considering the crap that went down that led to Starling’s departure, Seeder could be resurrected from his death in Swamp Thing #40, and maybe even have a villain who more or less is what some people expect evil Ivy to be like. That way, fans of both takes on the character get what they want without dragging Ivy down or anyone from either side of the fence calling foul. Ergo, DC has its cake and eats it too. And, while that might seem odd for me to suggest, and some people might not like that idea, I DO wanna have some level of fairness toward DC Comics and give some leeway for their usual plans when stating my own. I’m not their enemy. I don’t even wanna be antagonistic to them. I want to HELP them, and sometimes that means meeting them halfway on stuff.

But anyway, that’s just my own thoughts on the matter. Leave your own ideas for an Ivy series, or perhaps things that could be done with mine, in the comments section, and we’ll see what develops. And lastly, be sure to click the image below to view more of Stjepan Sejic’s great work. Ja né!