Review: Silk #4



Despite the cover telling you otherwise the art this issue isn’t handled by series regular Stacey Lee, and whilst the fill-in artist is perfectly fine there is a unique synergy between Lee’s art and Cindy Moon’s character that is sadly missing here. The story this issue also seems to be lacking a certain something as some of the jokes fail to land and things move at a curious pace. This is certainly not a bad issue, but it is lacking the magic of the previous few.

Silk #4 Cover


Last issue left us with Cindy near breakdown and sequestered away in her bunker as an awkwardly caring (mildly creepy?) Spider-Man arrived with help in the form of the Fantastic Four. Spider-Man’s tone, the fact that we know Cindy is being monitored by shadowy figures, and the randomness of Spidey calling on the FF left me a little suspicious, but…

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