My Thoughts On The Black Widow/Age Of Ultron Situation

*sighs*… … …So, I figured I should probably give my two cents on the situation involving the infamous “Black Widow calls herself a monster for not being able to have kids” scene from Age of Ultron, seeing as how I didn’t talk about it in my official review. And sadly, I know going into this that I’m gonna say some stuff that not everybody is gonna be okay with, but I have to be honest and sincere, so I ask that you all try to bear with me and understand my point of view.

First off, I should probably clarify the reason I didn’t talk about all of this before. After all, you’d think something like that would be really important to me and that it’d take up most of what I had to say about Black Widow. Well, the reason I didn’t bring it up is…it honestly kinda went over my head. lol I’m sorry, I know I may be offending some by admitting to that, but it’s the truth. I was still so sad about what had happened to her that I didn’t really register it. In fact, now that I think about it, I wonder if maybe the hope for many that worked on the film was that it wouldn’t register. Regardless, I apologize for not picking up on that.

Either way, looking back on the scene in hindsight…yeah, it’s problematic as fuck. Still, whether it be by naïvety or through a sense that more was going on than they tried to make it seem there was, I think that’s not how the scene was originally supposed to be played out. I just get this feeling that there’s more to that scene that wound up on the cutting room floor, that maybe she went on to talk about more that happened in her initiation and afterward, the ‘red in her ledger’, which led to her calling herself a monster. It’s been suggested by some fans that she may have been forced to kill someone close to her to prove her readiness as an assassin at the time, and/or that she may have been experimented on like in the comics. Yeah, for people who have only watched the movies, you might be surprised to know that Natasha is actually technically classified as superhuman due to being injected with a Soviet-made variant of the Super-Soldier Serum used on Steve Rogers. She’s actually supposed to be roughly as old as Cap, or at least close to it. It hasn’t boosted her strength and abilities to his level, but it’s nonetheless improved her strength, speed, reflexes, and longevity, among other things.

However, herein lies a problem: Even if those were in the original script, and I REALLY hope that, if so, they get included in the home release, for whatever reason, they were cut. Instead, the scene plays itself out so that, after revealing to Bruce Banner that she’s sterile, Natasha says, and I quote, “You still think you’re the only monster on the team?”. I don’t know whose call this was, or who thought that it would be appropriate to have her say that, but I do know that, following this, Joss Whedon has come under heavy fire on social media, so much so that he has left Twitter on the pretense of getting some peace and quiet.

Now, because there’s pretty heavy debate about this, what we were led to believe would be her role in this movie, and whether or not her wanting to be a mother is feminist or not feminist, I’m gonna make my overall feelings about this as clear as possible. Is Black Widow’s role in the movie problematic? Yes. I think that, while there’s nothing inherently wrong with wanting to be a mother, the suggestion that she’s a monster for being infertile is gross and disturbing. Furthermore, the implication that the Avengers, particularly the Hulk, are used thematically as her surrogate children, is at least a tiny bit degrading for the whole lot of them.

With that said, though, here’s where I’m kicking the hornet’s nest. Is this something that should’ve been discussed with Joss Whedon? Absolutely. In fact, I would encourage the hell out of that idea. However, there’s one important minor issue that really, I’m sorry, you cannot pretend didn’t happen: Joss Whedon was sent DEATH THREATS by angry fans, and a LOT of them. And again, I’m sorry, but you can make all the excuses you want, and it will not change the fact that sending someone death threats until they opt to leave social media is not a discussion. That’s a mob. All that was missing were the pitch forks and torches…or pitch forks soaked in lighter fluid and set ablaze, just to get the ol’ two-for-one deal going. Now, to those of you who weren’t involved in that little ‘crusade’, that sought more diplomatic ways to express your disdain for what happened? Great. I applaud you, and hope that more people take after you in future incidents such as this. To those that were a part of it? I understand where you’re coming from, but you took it WAY too far.

Anyway, those are my thoughts. If I’ve offended anyone, I apologize, but as I said, I needed to be honest about this, and I hope that we can all learn from this situation and hopefully avoid having it ever happen again. Ja né!


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