The One And ONLY Thing Bugging Me About Batgirl Nowadays

You may have noticed that, despite proclaiming my liking of the current Batgirl title, I haven’t really been actively reviewing it much. Well, that’s ‘cuz…well, there’s not much else to say other than what I’ve already said. I like the art, I like the direction they’re going, I like the use of Babs’ photographic memory, and I like that, while Alysia isn’t a main character anymore, she IS still around from time to time. Overall, it’s a good book…….However, as I was reading Batgirl #37 today (because the weather was uber nasty yesterday and I just didn’t want any of that), I realized the one thing about the book that’s been bothering me a lot: Black Canary.

Look, I didn’t read Birds of Prey. I felt it to be a very underwhelming title, especially in comparison to how it used to be. However, I AM aware that at the end of the series (which I assume takes place after the end of Gail Simone’s last issue of Batgirl), the team breaks up following a falling-out between Babs and Dinah. Cut to this story, where Barbara lets Dinah live with her and her room-mate after Di loses everything she owns in a fire…that turns out to have been caused by Babs. Ever since then, Dinah has slowly but surely been becoming more and more of a bitch with every issue, to the point where she was having fun at Babs’ expense in this one and refused to come help her when she was potentially in trouble (although to be fair, even she didn’t find the image of Batgirl in a wheelchair amusing in the slightest). Look, there’s being angry at a friend, and then there’s being hatefully spiteful and, frankly, not at all like the heroine I know Black Canary to be. Frankly, the Black Canary I know, regardless of what was going on between her and Batgirl, would have at least gone to help her.

I really hope that Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher read this and are hopefully not planning to stretch this out much farther, because if they do, it’s gonna make this book hard to enjoy. Like I said, I enjoy every other aspect of this Batgirl title, despite it being polarizing to many others. But this whole thing with Dinah has just gotten completely out of control, and needs to end, FAST.

Please come back, Black Canary

Please come back, Black Canary

Anyway, lemme know what you think, what your own thoughts on the book are, and hopefully, this little issue solves itself soon. Ja né!

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  1. You know, my only thought is about her not picking up her phone to help was that … well, remember when she went out to “do stuff” in the last issue and didn’t explain herself? I’m wondering if she has something she’s doing right now (either setting up something in the BG book or maybe setting up her coming back with her own book) that will be revealed later. So her not helping Babs this issue wasn’t her ignoring her, but her not being able to get there or explain why she didn’t pick up.

    But I do agree that Dinah has been particularly harsh with Babs in these issues and that hopefully the rift won’t be so drastic in the next few.

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