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Kamala Khan is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me

Am I Being Punked?

Jamie Mckelvie & Matt Wilson Ms Marvel #5 Cover Art, Jamie McKelvie & Matt Wilson

With its 6th printing under its belt the new incarnation of Ms Marvel, Kamala Khan, is clearly a giant hit. Its phenomenal reception has resulted in numerous articles praising its diversity and likeability. Noah Berlatsky of The Atlantic writes ‘changing shape doesn’t mean that Kamala erases her ethnicity, nor, in the way of Superman, that she is forever split between nebbish and overman. Rather, in Ms Marvel, shape-changing seems to suggest that flexibility is a strength. Kamala is a superhero because she’s both American and Muslim at once. Her power is to be many things, and to change without losing herself.’ This is the crux of why Ms Marvel works so well; she has intersections up the wazoo (a Pakistani-American daughter of immigrants, Muslim and female) but the character and plot developments are masterfully balanced between embracing her…

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