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UPDATED! Gail Simone’s Secret Six Returns! #WhatIsTheSecret

Yep, it’s official! The New York Times Best Seller, Secret Six, is returning in The New 52, under the writing of Gail Simone. Admittedly, not what I was REALLY hoping would be her new project (I was hoping it’d be a new Birds of Prey book), but I’ll take it. Plus, I know of several people that LOVED this book and were highly upset when it got cancelled with the beginning of the New 52, and I know how that can feel, so to those people, I say this: Remember, this may not be exactly as you remember it, but keep your mind open and be patient, for The Simone is an evil genius and mastermind, and she knows what she’s doing. XD

So far, all that’s known about the book, besides what I’ve stated so far, is that Catman and Black Alice are going to be in it. Who are these other characters on the cover? Beats me, though one looks like a Talon from the Court of Owls, and one kinda looks like a female, African-American Riddler, so she could be a new version of Enigma. Also, the book will apparently kick off with the group locked in a room and not knowing how the hell they got there, that the book will be even edgier and filthier than it was before, and that it delves into a mystery that “all DC readers will want to know”, whatever the hell that means. Will we be seeing others from the group like Scandal Savage appear? Will they be as we remember them? Hard to say, but I wouldn’t rule it out completely. After all, heroes might not be allowed to have happy lives nowadays, but there’s nothing that says that Scandal’s polygamous marriage to Knockout and Liana can’t still be canon.

Just in case anyone who didn’t read it thought I was kidding, nope, this was a thing that happened. lol

Anyway, the book comes out in December, just in time for Christmas. Will I be picking it up? Hard to say, but I will say that I am at least intrigued by this move, and I would suggest that people that loved Gail’s last take on the team will probably enjoy this one. Ja né!

UPDATE – In addition to the new book, Gail’s pre-Flashpoint run with Secret Six is also getting reprinted, so anyone that didn’t read it the first time around will get a chance to do so. Again, it’s a New York Times Best Seller, so it’s probably worth your time. ^_^