Thor vs. Iron Man

Arousing Grammar

Since the 2006 Marvel comics event Civil War up till just a year or two ago, Tony Stark hasn’t been terribly well-liked in the Marvel universe.  This isn’t some sort of Spider-Man public menace charade. No, he deserved it.  Essentially, he became The Man, holding down superheroes who didn’t trust or forcibly side with the government, which is pretty much all of them.  Also, his team went up against Captain America’s, and any team the captain sides with will always be the good guys.

Oh, but you know who missed the entire Civil War event?  Yes, the Hulk, but that’s a different story. I’m talking about Thor.  Sure, Iron Man cloned Thor using his DNA and had the clone fight Captain America’s underground Avengers, but the actual Asgardian was occupied with other matters.  Like being dead.

Luckily, gods don’t stay deceased for very long and Thor, wanting to bring his…

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