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Review: Superman Unchained #6

Geekly Review

SMUND-Cv6-ds-ee329Written By: Scott Snyder

Pencils By:Jim Lee

Inks By: Scott Williams

Colors By: Alex Sinclair 

Published By: DC Comics

Review by Heather Antos

DC Comics’ Superman Unchained series has gone nuclear! The terrorist group known as Ascension has recently launched over one hundred tactical nuclear missiles across the globe. Their targets: All of mankind. With only the Justice League out to save the Earth – and only then a 60% chance of success – will Ascension finally prove to be more than the Man of Steel can handle?


“You can’t always be there for everyone, Superman. You need to start making hard decisions.” – Wraith, Superman Unchained #6

Wraith is past the point of trying to convince Superman to join the team of General Lane and Lois is trapped with the members of Ascension. And if that wasn’t enough to worry about, it appears that even if the big…

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