Daily Archives: October 28, 2013

Flareon – Redeemed At Long Last

…Yeah, we all know the joke: Flareon, the Fire-type physical offensive of the Eeveelutions, cannot learn Flare Blitz. In fact, for years now, Flareon has been turned down by many a Trainer due to being a physical attacking Fire-type Pokémon that cannot learn a physical Fire-type move with a base power higher than 65. You can see it everywhere.

And every Generation, I’d be like “Game Freak, let it learn Flare Blitz! It keeps getting rejected! It is probably the most rejected Eeveelution, solely because every Eeveelution is supposed to specialize in something, and Flareon really doesn’t since it can’t learn the moves to best suit its style!” So, what’s the point in all of this? Well, I was cruising through Serebii.net, looking at different move-pools for Pokémon in the new X & Y games, and I was looking at the different Eeveelutions. So, eventually, I decided to check Flareon’s, fully prepared to be disappointed…And then I heard Nightwish in my head over what I saw. 😀

Flareon is trying to learn Flare Blitz, MOTHA FUCKA! XD

Now, do I think this is a huge, game changing event for Pokémon? Obviously not. I’m just glad that Flareon finally has something awesome going for it. And usually, this is where I’d say comment below, see y’all, ja né, and so on, but you know? Screw it, this is too awesome not to end on THIS: