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My Pokémon X Journey: Day 2, Part 2 (WARNING – SPOILERS AHEAD)

And so, because I committed myself to doing these up for everyday, before I begin playing again, here is Part 2 of Day 2…

Calem in Camphrier Town

I entered Camphrier Town, a relatively small town compared to the blooming city north-east of it, once famous for the long-neglected manor home of a noble family. Still, it had its breath-taking visuals here and there. I met up with Shauna as we decided to check out the manor, but quickly learned about some kind of trouble going on as two men rushed past, headed to Route 7. Following them to the Rivière Walk, we quickly found the source of the trouble: A Snorlax, taking a nap on a bridge. Unfortunately, while one of the two men owned a Poké Flute, an item that could wake any sleeping Pokémon, he’d lent it out to the owner of the Parfum Palace…which meant it was up to Shauna and I to go get it. And here I was hoping to rest for the day in Camphrier.

Calem and Shauna encounter a sleeping Snorlax

Before heading into the palace, which was admittedly AMAZING looking, I decided to explore Route 6 a bit, also known as Palais Lane. While there, I engaged a Poké Fan Family in a Double Battle with their pair of Furfrou. The two Poodle Pokémon were surprisingly powerful, requiring me to use nearly my entire team to beat them, something I wasn’t prepared for at all. By the end, I emerged victorious, and my Abra evolved into Kadabra…albeit a level late, because it had levelled up twice in the battle, meaning it missed out on learning Confusion. Undeterred, I went around catching new Pokémon: An Oddish and a Honedge, the latter I named Gail. I also found an Ultra Ball, a very powerful Poké Ball, and stowed it away in my bag, knowing I’d need it later. Satisfied, I headed back up to the Parfum Palace to try to find the Poké Flute…after paying Pokémon Dollar1000 just to get through the gate. I had to agree with Shauna at that point: THIS is how the rich get richer.

Calem in front of the Parfum Palace

Entering the palace, we quickly learned the owner was having issues of his own: His Furfrou had taken off somewhere in the palace, and was missing. Shauna felt bad, since she knew how she’d feel if it was her Pokémon were missing, so we decided to look for it…while also ransacking the palace and courtyard of hidden treasures. Hey, it was a palace courtyard. They’re always filled with loot. Besides, there was an HM 01, which teaches Cut. That’s a must for travelling Trainers. Anyway, we eventually found and cornered the Furfrou, and the owner decided to thank us with a fireworks display on the ledge, which was admittedly quite spectacular. Shauna said something about this being the first time she’d been to something like this alone with a boy, and…yeah, that was when it became ever so clear to me that the owner had set me up on a date. I wanted to strangle the man, but…well, I guess it wasn’t so bad. And hey, he did give back the Poké Flute, and his butler had a little information on Mega Evolution.

Before returning to the bridge, I made a couple of switch-ups on my team, knowing that a Snorlax, even a low levelled one, would attack any strangers that forcibly wake it up, and could be tricky to capture. As such, once it was woken up and went into a rage, I opened with Vivillon’s Stun Spore, paralysing the oversized Normal-type, and then sent out Gail, who let loose again and again with Fury Cutter until Snorlax was weak enough to capture with the Ultra Ball I had found on Route 6. The owner swung by afterwards, making a VERY lame attempt to patch things up with the wielder of the Poké Flute, but I was far more interested in what lay across the bridge from me: A Pokémon Day Care.

Calem and Serena challenge Tierno and Trevor

I was soon joined by Tierno and Trevor, who checked out the Day Care facilities with me, after which we went back to looking for Pokémon. Eventually, we met up with Serena, who teamed with me to take on Tierno and Trevor in a Double Battle. We managed to defeat the two, albeit in a much closer battle than my previous one with Tierno, after which I searched Routes 6 and 7 for some more Pokémon. After catching an Espurr, Nincada, and Sentret, and evolving my Flabébé into a Floette, I started to feel fatigue set in HARD, and headed back to the Pokémon Centre. However, before I went to bed, I made contact over the Player Search System with a boy named Merill, who offered to trade Pokémon to evolve my Kadabra into an Alakazam and then sending it back to me, thus filling our PokéDexes a bit more, and leaving me with an Alakazam…that can still only use Teleport. Still, a LONG day was complete, and I headed to bed feeling satisfied and desperate for sleep.

Current PokéDex Completion
68 Pokémon seen, 39 Pokémon obtained

…And that was Day 2. Hope you enjoyed, and hopefully, today’s won’t require two parts…Actually, knowing my luck, it’ll need three. lol Ja né!

My Pokémon X Journey: Day 2, Part 1 (WARNING – SPOILERS AHEAD)

Cutting this in half due to sheer length. lol

Calem on Route 22

It was early on the second day, before sunrise. Having some trouble sleeping, I decided to withdraw Vivillon, Pikachu, and Torchic from my PC and head back to Route 22 to try and catch some of the Pokémon I’d missed. I managed to capture a Litleo and a Bidoof before having to go back to town since I’d run out of Poké Balls. Along the way, I began to see the results of my training on my Pokémon, specifically Vivillon. I’d spent so much time on him specifically, trying to get him to evolve into what he is now, that his strength was much higher than the others. Still, I felt the need to get the rest of the team up to his level. After all, one should never depend on a single Pokémon to save them ALL THE TIME. Still, these were thoughts better dwelled upon in the morning, so I went back to bed.

Calem meeting Alexa

After getting up to officially start my day, I found myself face-to-face with Viola’s older sister, Alexa. She seemed interested in my skills, and thus handed me the new model for the Exp. Share, which gave every Pokémon not in battle 50% of the experience the one actually involved received. Combined with my training regiment, my team was now becoming MUCH stronger, though I suspected there was a bigger reason for it. Either way, though, I made my way to Route 4, also known as Parterre Way, and managed to catch a Budew, Ralts, Ledyba, and Flabébé. After battling a few more Trainers, and learning some new tricks on my roller blades, I ran into two of Professor Sycamore’s assistants. They gave me the TM 27, which I used to teach Fletchling the move Return, and told me how to get to the Professor’s lab.

Calem in Lumiose City

Following the assistants, I found myself in the most gorgeous city I’d ever seen: Lumiose City. Granted, I couldn’t explore much of it due to some sort of power outages, and seemingly every other store was a café, but it was still so grand. There was even a salon, where I was able to get my hair tinted orange, and a building that recorded a 10 second video for Trainers who might meet me online. Once all of that was taken care of, though, I made my way to Professor Augustine Sycamore’s lab…A fairly LARGE lab, to be honest. As I understand it, most Pokémon Professors tend to enjoy smaller labs in quainter towns. I guess Sycamore must really love the city life, and upon meeting him, he certainly seemed flamboyant enough to fit right in here. He admitted that he was only planning to enlist the other four for this mission, but upon hearing I was moving to Kalos with my mother (likely due to her fame as a Rhyhorn rider), he decided the best way to get me adjusted was to have me travel the region and see as many new sights and Pokémon as I could.

Soon enough, I was joined by Serena and Shauna. They stood watch as Sycamore challenged me to a battle, to test my skills. I was rather surprised to find that the Professor’s team consisted of Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander, three Pokémon that, while part of the Kalos Regional PokéDex, were more commonly seen in Kanto. Still, even with his vastly superior knowledge of Pokémon, his team wasn’t nearly as experienced as mine was quickly becoming, and I was able to defeat him, with Torchic gaining enough experience to evolve into Combusken. After this, he offered the three of us one of the Kanto Pokémon. My gut was telling me Charmander, but since I already had a Fire-type, and Pinhead was pulling his weight as my Grass-type, I decided to go with Squirtle, the Water-type. I named him Michelangelo. He was carrying a strange stone, very similar to the one Combusken had. It was at this point, as Tierno and Trevor finally caught up with us, that Professor Sycamore told us that he wanted us to discover the secrets of something called ‘Mega Evolution’, something I’d never heard of, but was apparently tied to these stones.

Meeting Professor Sycamore

After we learned this, the group had a small pow-wow of sorts, and it was at this point I really started to understand and appreciate what made each of them so different. Tierno just wanted to dance and have fun with Pokémon, all the while growing closer to them. Trevor was intent on completing the PokéDex, thus completing his commitment to the Professor and achieving a great collection. Shauna desired to create lots of memories with Pokémon, memories that would last their whole lives. And Serena was committed to growing strong with her Pokémon and mastering Mega Evolution. Each had their own unique goals, and aside from their love of Pokémon, they couldn’t be any more different…and yet, they were all close friends, standing by each other and supporting one another…and me. I couldn’t help but feel closer to them as a result, and I wondered if that was why Professor Sycamore chose them.

Either way, I decided it might be best to follow up on the Professor’s suggestion and head toward Camphrier Town. As I was leaving the lab, though, I met a man named Lysandre, who apparently built the Holocaster, the device Trainers used to communicate over long distances…and yet, something about him rubbed me the wrong way. After speaking with him for a bit, Serena asked me to come with her to a nearby café, and it was there that I began to learn more about the man. Lysandre was there, speaking with a world famous movie star named Diantha, asking if she would prefer to stay beautiful like she was in her first film and keep making movies like that forever, but Diantha, like myself, seemed a bit disturbed by such a suggestion. After they left, Serena had an interesting proposition for me: She wanted to be my rival, so we could grow stronger together. How could I turn down such an offer?

Calem and Serena meet Diantha

Making my way to Route 5, or the Versant Road as it’s called, I found myself face-to-face with a Lucario. It seemed…interested in me. Soon enough, its trainer, a Gym Leader named Korrina, skated by, and suggested that Lucario seemed to like something about my Aura, a spiritual energy believed to be the essence of every living creature. Lucario are able to sense Aura, as well as practically weaponise their own, so I felt special that this Lucario seemed to like mine. After they left, I wound up battling a pair of twins, Faith and Joy, and their Pokémon, Plusle and Minun. It wasn’t a hard battle, and I found myself enjoying the style of Double Battles, after which, both Fletchling and Pinhead evolved. Fletchling evolved into Fletchinder, a Fire/Flying-type with wings that would burn you if you touched it without permission, and Pinhead went from being a Chespin to a Quilladin, becoming far stronger as a result. However, just as I was feeling good about that, and liking the idea of battling multiple Pokémon at once, I wandered into some tall grass, where I was confronted by a horde of five Scraggy! I only had time to call out a single Pokémon at a time, making this a 5-on-1 handicap battle! But, as luck would have it, Squirtle had learned Bubble, which hit multiple targets at once. Using this attack, I picked off three of my targets, before I was forced to switch to Fletchinder. Fletchinder took down the fourth Scraggy, leaving the leader open to be captured.

Having somehow survived that last encounter, I was feeling VERY lucky, and managed to keep that luck going, catching an Abra, Gulpin, Pancham, and Furfrou. After this, though, I took a look at my team, and noticed something bad: My team consisted of a Grass-type, a Fire/Flying-type, a Water-type, a Fire/Fighting-type, a Bug/Flying-type, and an Electric-type. Even though they were strong, too many types and their weaknesses were overlapping. I knew I’d have to start rotating Pokémon from here on out. It might slow training down a bit, but it was the only way to make sure my team was varied enough to compete with multiple sorts of opponents. As such, I made it a regular practise to return to the nearest Pokémon Centre often to switch team members in and out.

Trevor, Tierno, and Calem on Route 5

Returning to Route 5, I ran into Tierno and Trevor again, and found myself battling Tierno and his partner, a Corphish. It wasn’t too much of a challenge compared to other battles I’d had recently, but he held his own well. Afterwards, I battled a few roller bladers up the hill, and when it was over, Squirtle had grown strong enough to evolve into Wartortle. With that accomplishment saved in my PokéDex, I made my way to Camphrier Town, once famous for the long-neglected manor home of a noble family, where I had planned to end my day…Little did I know what lay ahead for me, and what was left for me in the day…

Part 2 of Day 2 will be written in the morning. Right now, it’s late, and I’m tired. I’ll write Part 2 when I get up, and hopefully Part 3 won’t be nearly as long. Ja né!