Is Ash Older in the Pokémon XY Anime?

So, ever since we got our first look at the Pokémon anime‘s XY series, a lot of people have asked the same question: Does Ash look older?

And no, I’m NOT just talking about the fact that he has teeth now, although that IS an improvement. Just look at him! He looks taller and a bit lankier. His hair seems a bit different, like it’s added some length. So, as far as my own personal answer goes…Yeah, he looks older. However, that brings up a much more important question for me: Did Ash finally GET older?

Now, anybody that’s been watching the show since it started has taken notice of this, especially since Best Wishes started with the declaration that Ash was still 10 years old. And, I’m gonna try to avoid spoilers here by keeping names out, but SOMEBODY uses the Kanto-Johto Magnet Train in the second to last episode of Best Wishes, and the last time we ever saw that Magnet Train, they said it would be a year since it would be finished. That was a LOOOOONNNGG time ago, so we can no longer make the argument that Ash is completely these Regional Championships in a few months, AT LEAST ONE YEAR HAS PASSED. And this is not the first time that the passage of time has been addressed in the show, and yet, Ash remains 10.

And before anyone theorizes, tossing out crap like the coma theory, lemme put this to rest: The reason Ash is 10 is because the writers intentionally keep him 10 to appeal to the main demographic for the show, whether it makes any sense or not. It’s extremely weak logic directing that decision, but that’s the reason. If you want the whole story and all forms of evidence and arguments, I suggest you watch TheJWittz’ video on the matter, which I will give the link to below.

Speaking of which, in said video, he brought up the possibility and potential for a time skip. And I’m not saying that IS what’s happened, but it sure as heck looks like it. And honestly, I kinda hope so. The longer that he goes without growing up, the less people will tolerate him. He’s been at this for a while, he should NOT still be such a screw-up. And hey, there’s some hope on the horizon, since one of the first episodes apparently features him battling a Garchomp on a high rooftop. And y’know what? At least the opening promises to be more badass than Best Wishes did. lol

So, what do you guys think? Vote or comment below, and be sure to check out JWittz’ take on all of this as well (Hey, I like co-operating with my fellow Pokémon fans, gimme a break), and we’ll see what happened when the XY series begins. Ja né!

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  2. Why wont you just grow

  3. I think the true reason for the subtle graphic differences of Ash’s appearance are completely due to artistic maturity rather then character maturity..all graphics have slightly gotten more details and subtle difference. he doesn’t look older, he looks better drawn. I understand the whole demographic but even since I was around 10 or 11 when I got into Pokémon when it first released on Gameboy in the usa.. I never particularly loved the anime. it seems made for toddlers or young children and way less mature then it’s rpg game fanbase. it should have grown with its fanbase and not to sell to small kids who go from trend to trend before any large amount of money is amassed by fans. this is coming from a old fan with asperger’s like the original creator of polemon.. you guys have to progress. the kids you wanted to love it already do and grew up. the kids of today need more then silly repetitive lessons anyhow.. most of them clutch tiny computers that can easilt access anything way before we even sat in front of a fat monitor on a slow dial up connection to talk.a few minutes about how we wish the show was made for those who were smart enough to atleast play the game..

  4. One claim is that the age mention in Best Wishes was a mistake from writers part. Official statement has always been that Ash’s age would never been mentioned in the series after the first episode, as to make him more easier relate for everyone. This may have slipped trough as BW was intended to be a soft reset for the series, a plan that was decided to not happen. But Ash has definitely grown visibly taller, something that wont happen in a day or two and he acts somewhat more mature too.

    This guy, while mostly just putting numbers together, has some good points about Ash in his blog:

  5. I’m re-watching the series and when Ash returns to Kanto the first time, they say it has been a year. in the Pikachu and pichu short, Ash and Pikachu are celebrating the first day they met. that means it has to be AT LEAST 2 years, so by the third movie, Ash has to be at least 12 already…

    He has been growing the whole time

    Best wishes (or B/W) is not part of the main canon, it is supposed to be clear by the first chapter when they say that ash is 10 years old

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