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Jyger’s Favourite 5 – 5 Favourite Ultimate-Level Digimon

Welp, only this one left to complete the Digivolution levels from Rookie to Mega (and don’t worry, I will get to the others later), so let’s get my 5 Favourite Ultimate-Level Digimon out of the way now. And, as is tradition, let’s start with…

GeoGreymon Chou Shinka!RizeGreymon!

I’m sorry, MetalGreymon, but this thing is AWESOME! RizeGreymon just looks and feels like MetalGreymon on steroids, I honestly feel that his colour-scheme works better than his counterpart’s, and he has a giant gun on his arm! Heck, I’m actually kinda surprised Disney kept that in (remember what they did to poor BomberNanimon). Speaking of which, RizeGreymon’s finisher is the Trident Revolver, where he fires a triple shot of high-powered rounds from his gun. He can also let loose the Rising Destroyer, lasers from his chest and wings.

Lekismon Chou Shinka!Crescemon!

The Ultimate-level form of the mascot for Digimon World Dusk, Crescemon is both awesome-looking and a hell of a fighter. She can slash crescents of ice at foes with her Ice Archery, or fire a dark crescent blast with Dark Archery. Her greatest attack, however, is the Lunatic Dance, where she creates temporary clones of herself to strike at the enemy simultaneously. This is one mon you don’t wanna mess with. Believe me, I’ve been on the receiving end of a beating from her more than once in the games.

Gaogamon Chou Shinka!MachGaogamon!

So, let’s see: ZeedGarurumon beat MetalGarurumon, Gaomon beat Gabumon, Garurumon beat Gaogamon, and now MachGaogamon beats WereGarurumon. So, in terms of the old vs new of signature Beast Digimon, I guess it’s a tie. Anyway, MachGaogamon uses his jets for high-speed attacks, like the Gaoga Tornade. He can also use the Howling Cannon, a massive ultrasonic wave in the form of a howl.

Gatomon Chou Shinka!Angewomon!

…It is NOT okay that I find something that simultaneously is animated, is made of data, was a cat before Digivolving, and is an Angel to be physically attractive! And yet, doing a simple Google search, it seems I am not the only one who feels this way…We don’t just live in a digital world, folks, we live in a WEIRD one. Anyway, Angewomon’s main form of attack is her Celestial Arrow, where the wings on her glove turn into a bow that she uses to shoot an arrow of light. She also uses the Heaven’s Charm, a bright cross made of light that can be used as a shield or to evaporate evil completely.

BlackGatomon Chou Shinka!LadyDevimon!

Okay, I’ll admit that LadyDevimon gets on here for more than just what she brings to the table, which is admittedly a lot. I’m planning to eventually do my 5 Favourite Evil Digimon, where the criteria will be any Digimon that has been an antagonist to the group without being under any kind of mind control or the like, and has never been a Partner Digimon. Well, believe or not, LadyDevimon IS a Partner Digimon to the character Mirei from Digimon World Re:Digitize, so I can’t count her there, and like hell if I was gonna leave her unmentioned in my Digimon Favourite 5s. Her Darkness Wave attack is pretty much as it sounds: A wave of darkness, usually taking on the form of a swarm of bats. She can also turn her arm into a giant spear called the Black Wing, which she uses to pierce opponents.

Anyway, those are my 5 Favourite Ultimate-Level Digimon. I think I’m gonna take a little break before moving on to some of the other Digimon. After all, I still got lots of other stuff to blog about, and I wouldn’t wanna hit overload. lol Ja né!