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Will & Hope – An Upcoming One-Shot Fanfic (WORK IN PROGRESS)

So in addition to my current fanfic, Tales of the Caped Crusader, I’ve decided to do a one-shot called Will & Hope. As you’ve likely guessed, it’s about a Green Lantern and a Blue Lantern teaming up to take on a foe on Earth. It’ll probably be a little on the lengthy side for a one-shot, but that’s only because I’ll be putting so much into a single chapter. Also, while it will exist in the same continuity as Tales of the Caped Crusader, it doesn’t necessarily take place directly after. Anyway, here’s the cast I have planned for now, but remember this is a work-in-progress, and can change plenty by the time it’s ready to be typed up…

The Blue Lantern in this fic is actually Wally West, AKA The Flash. If you’ve read How Would I Rebuild The DC Universe From Scratch, you should already know the story here. Basically, the Blue Lantern Corps don’t really exist yet, but Ganthet did create a few Blue Power Rings and sent them to various sectors to locate those with great hope in their hearts. Well, one came to Earth, but on its way to find someone with great hope, it was struck by lightning, which sent it crashing into Wally and the chemicals in his CSI lab. Thus, he’s granted his powers as The Flash, but he also gains several of the abilities of a Blue Lantern. Plus, his overall speed is determined by the amount of hope in his heart.

The Green Lantern is John Stewart. At this point, John is still relatively new to being a Green Lantern, having first been chosen as Hal Jordan‘s back-up. However, when a war against both the Sinestro Corps and the Red Lantern Corps calls the attention of nearly every Green Lantern, John is now the sole Green Lantern in Sector 2814. As such, he’s under a lot of pressure, and as a former US Marine, he’s used to working with a squad of professionals…Yeah, you can see where this is going. lol

Bleez would be the main antagonist. Her overall back-story would be mostly the same, except that she was only tortured and perhaps used for labour, not that she was raped. It’s my general opinion that rape in stories should be reserved for situations where NOTHING else fits into the story in place of it. In other words, there really was no need for her to be raped to justify her turn to murderous rage. Also, she would have two wings from the beginning, both bony, and her intelligence is intact from the start, as opposed to Atrocitus restoring it later on.

Anyway, that’s all I wanna tell for now. Lemme know what you think in the comment section below, and hopefully it won’t take me too long to get it out. Ja né!