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My Thoughts on Superman Annual #2 Opening Page

So, I noticed there was some buzzing about on Twitter today regarding the preview pages for Superman Annual #2. So I checked up on it, and I found that the opening page of a book that I believe is meant to spotlight Lois Lane‘s 75 years in comic book history was THIS.

…Nope, I’m not gonna say anything. I’m not gonna rant, scream, or tell anybody off, because having checked Twitter, I think it’s safe to say that anything worth saying has been said already…But I AM gonna show this one picture, just because it’s both hilarious and fits this situation SO much.

Wow, I’m glad I saved that. I’ve gotten so much mileage out of that one screenshot…Now, I obviously expect this to end with some kinda twist where she turns out to be alive and was either having an out-of-body experience, or this is taking place in an alternate Earth, or something along those lines. Regardless, I would just like to remind that THIS is how this book opens: With Lois Lane sprawled out dead on the pavement in what people are already referring to as a torture porn pose. I don’t know if I actually see the torture porn aspect of it, mind you. I think they actually nailed that worse when Black Mask was torturing Stephanie Brown (seriously, you’d think they’d learn by now). It’s still horrible, though.

Superman + Lois Lane = The Original OTP

So, to every single Lois Lane fan in the world, I offer the following suggestion: Give yourself a HUGE hug, and DO NOT BUY Superman Annual #2. Ja né.

Happy Birthday, Gail Simone! ^_^

So, I heard SOMEBODY’S got a birthday today! Hit it, Kougami!

So yeah, it’s Gail Simone‘s birthday, and in spite of my headache and overall lack of sleep making me feel like hell today, I thought I’d come online to talk a little bit about some of the things I’m thankful to her for…

Making Wonder Woman AWESOME Again

Lemme put this in perspective. When Gail Simone was given Wonder Woman, Amazons Attack had just happened a few months ago. Y’know, that book that pretty much tore down Wonder Woman’s mythos and shat all over it? Well, DC kinda realized they royally frakked up there and decided to let Gail Simone fix Wonder Woman. Turns out, that actually was a REALLY good decision. I’ve read The Circle, it is AMAZING, and anyone who loves Wonder Woman should go read it…Although I wish DC would give her Wonder Woman again to try to fix the mess they’ve made of her in the New 52.

Her First Run On Birds of Prey

Okay, here’s a book I have yet to read, and I REALLY need to rectify this someday. I only ever hear great things about her initial run on Birds of Prey, and if gave SO MUCH by just being there. There was supposed to be an episode of JLU that would feature Barbara bringing Huntress and Black Canary together for a mission, which Gail Simone wrote, but sadly, it couldn’t happen due to copyright issues involving Batgirl. Still, we got an episode to feature them together, which led to more down the road. Again, rumours have been circulating that the DCAU is making a comeback in the near future, and I would LOVE to see Gail get another crack at writing a Birds episode.

Making Wonder Woman AWESOME Again…In A Movie! XD

This might just be one of the best DC animated movies ever. It’s gotta be at least in the top 5. While the violence of the 2009 Wonder Woman movie could get a bit excessive, it is still the closest portrayal to the character and the best revamping of her origins I’ve ever seen. Don’t get me wrong, I love the JLU version of Wonder Woman too, but as far as a stand-alone movie that’s just about her, this was amazing. It kinda makes me wonder why live action attempts at portraying the character in the past few years have failed so miserably.

Writing Batgirl in the New 52

Okay, let me make one thing abundantly clear for anybody who doubts this: Making Barbara Gordon Batgirl again, taking her out of the wheelchair, and retconning the existence of her replacements and her time as Oracle was fucking STUPID. PERIOD. If there is anybody that still debates that, it is only for a single reason: Gail Simone is the writer for Batgirl in the New 52. That does not make the concept behind this book any less stupid, people. However, it does speak volumes of Gail Simone’s writing talent. She took this ludicrous concept that went back on DC’s word for YEARS, and she made it WORK. To this day, I still don’t know how she did it. Now, there have been recent issues that had moments that annoyed me, I’ve mentioned them before, and I MIGHT be skipping the next couple of issues as a result. But, overall, Gail’s run on Batgirl has been a HUGE success.

So, there’s the four biggest things I’m thankful to Gail Simone for. I’d add Red Sonja, but her run has only just gotten started, so I gotta wait it out a bit to see if it continues to be so awesome. Also, while The Movement has been an enjoyable read, I wouldn’t put it up there with the rest of these, though I do hope it sticks around. Anyway, be sure to send your own birthday wishes to her on Twitter, and I will see y’all later, ‘cuz I gotta rest my head for a bit. Ja né!