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Favourite DC Superheroes – The Honourable Mentions

So, I took a look back at my favourite DC and Marvel superheroes from my birthday last month. While I still agree with those lists, I do feel as though there were a number of characters that deserved to be honourable mentions for DC. So, that’s what I’m gonna do now. Here are 10 heroes I think deserve to be mentioned with honours. lol

Kara Zor-L, AKA Power Girl

I believe I already covered what it is I like most about this character (no not THOSE…though they ARE nice, lol). For those who didn’t see, I particularly like how Power Girl not only has the abilities of Superman, she also is the head of her own business. Combine that with a never-say-die attitude and…well, THOSE, and you’ve got yourself a winning formula in Power Girl, who I DEFINITELY wouldn’t mind seeing in the Man of Steel movies someday. Kara’s also one-half of the Worlds’ Finest with Huntress, though sadly that book doesn’t present the best depiction of the character. Still, we do occasionally see them as a powerful duo.

John Stewart. AKA Green Lantern


Alan Scott, AKA Green Lantern

I mentioned these two before as being tied as the unofficial #11 in my 10 Favourite DC Superheroes, and I still stand behind that. Though personalities and the manner in which they gained their powers couldn’t be more different, both bring honour to the name Green Lantern, and they are my personal favourites to hold that title. Also, VERY glad to see that John Stewart is now a DLC skin/voice swap for Hal Jordan, though I’d kind of like an Alan Scott one too.

Dick Grayson, AKA Nightwing

The original Robin all grown up. Be he in blue or red, be he in Blüdhaven or Chicago, Dick Grayson will always be a special kind of hero to people. He’s been through having his parents killed before his eyes, leaving his mentor to become leader of his own team, having his wedding broken up, having the love of his life leave him (and the planet for that matter), having to become Batman after Bruce was thought dead for a time, having his old circus troop destroyed, and now having helplessly watched his partner murdered. And yet, in all of this and more, he continues to try to have a positive attitude on the job…Still though, he REALLY needs to go back to blue. lol


Okay, while I don’t read a lot of the books she appears in, Mera gets on this list for a few reasons. First off, that she neither has nor requires an alias. Second, she’s Queen of Atlantis, which takes up most of the known ocean. Third, much like her husband Aquaman, she has the same natural advantages that he does having operated out of the bottom of the ocean (advanced strength, speed, durability, and sight). Fourth, as I’ve mentioned before, while the power to control water might not seem threatening at first, considering how much water makes up the average human body, that actually conjures up some rather frightening visuals of what she could do if she lost her cool. Speaking of which, while she’s usually a kind-hearted woman, the kind that you could easily get along with, she DOES have an on-again off-again struggle with her sanity. In other words, be as nice as humanly possible to Mera when you see her.

Damian Wayne, AKA Robin

The latest Robin to appear, Damian brought something new to the role. Having the genetics of Bruce Wayne, the skills passed down through the League of Assassins, and many skills and personality traits seen in Dick, Jason, Tim, and Stephanie, Damian could be considered the perfect Robin in a lot of respects…except that he kept killing people. I mean, he meant well, you could tell he cared, but he kept killing bad guys. That just bothered me to no end, though it almost became a running gag wherein if he said “I will kill no more”, he was usually five minutes away from killing someone. Alternately, if he said he WAS going to kill someone, they usually had a good chance of escaping with their lives for some reason. Apparently, he’ll be returning soon for a mini-series that looks at the alternate future where he becomes Batman, and it’ll be awesome to see him again…but dammit Damian, stop killing people. lol

Victor Stone, AKA Cyborg

BOOYAH!…Yeah, I know. lol Anyway, as of the New 52, Cyborg is now a founding member of the Justice League. While this robs him of his history with the Titans, it IS nice to see Vic standing among the big seven that make up Earth’s greatest heroes. Cyborg’s only real flaw is his personal issues, trying to find the balancing point between the machine and the man. Otherwise, you better be packing some serious power when going up against him, or he will flatten you.

J’onn J’onzz, AKA The Martian Manhunter

This one’s mostly based on his DCAU appearances, though I have checked him out elsewhere and been left confused by something: Martian Manhunter has heat vision in the comics, they’re missing from the cartoon. I’m not really sure why, other than so that two members of the Justice League didn’t have heat vision. However, this brings up something even more confusing: J’onn is vulnerable to fire. Shouldn’t using heat vision hurt him? Well, whatever, he’s still an awesome hero, though he REALLY needs to chill out in the New 52.

Khalid Ben-Hassin, AKA Doctor Fate

Okay, other than a couple of cool moments in Justice League Unlimited, I wasn’t really all that sold on Doctor Fate. Then Earth 2 happened. Now I know better. lol The second most badass individual to have the word “Doctor” in their name, Doctor Fate has a mastery over magic beyond that of any of the other magic-based heroes of the DC Universe. In other words, if he really wanted to, he could kill Superman just by wiggling his toes. His only real weakness, at least for Khalid in Earth 2, is that wearing the Helmet of Nabu can have some negative psychological effects. Otherwise, he might just be the greatest of Earth 2’s heroes, and is all too deserving to be a founding member of the JSA when it eventually forms.

Helena Wayne, AKA Huntress

There have actually been two women to predominantly go by the name Huntress. Prior to the reboot, Huntress was a woman named Helena Bertinelli, the daughter of a mafia boss who became Huntress to fight the very same kind of crime her family once created, eventually becoming a member of the Birds of Prey and getting this weird belly window for her costume that carried over into Justice League Unlimited. In the New 52, much like the original pre-Crisis interpretation of the character, Huntress is one half of the Worlds’ Finest with Power Girl, and is Batman’s daughter from Earth 2, though thus far, he has yet to show that he has any knowledge of this. Personally, I think she should just talk to him, especially given recent events. It might get him to cool down a little to know he still has family. Both are hardcore asskickers armed with crossbows, and both are deserving to be on this list.

So there ya go, 10 (sort of 11) honourable mentions. Along with Batman, Superman, Stephanie Brown, Wonder Woman, Wally West, Raven, Red Robin, Supergirl, Barbara Gordon, and Hawkgirl, they are my favourite DC Superheroes. Who do YOU think should’ve made it to this list? Lemme know in the comments, and I will see y’all next time. Ja né!

Tales of Dumbassery – You Get A Baby, & You Get A Baby, & You Get A Baby!

Well, better get your headache meds out now, because it is time to delve into…

Tales of Dumbassery

Y’know, we live in a world where there’s a pretty lengthy screening process for couples to adopt children. Sadly, this means that a lot of would-be parents, who for whatever reason are unable to have children of their own, cannot adopt due to being outside of whatever standards the parent of the child has set up…And yet, apparently, over in Pakistan, they are literally give-aways…

“Pakistani TV show hands out babies in Ramadan ratings battle”

“A Pakistani TV show is handing out abandoned babies to stunned couples in an attempt to bring back dwindling viewership during Islam’s month-long Ramadan celebration.  Amaan Ramazan host Aamir Liaquat Hussain gave the live freebies out during two separate broadcasts in a show that has been dubbed by some as Pakistan’s version of The Price is Right“. Of course, then there’s my favourite comment below, which is the title I’ve given this little tale, written by Carley Smith on Twitter, “And YOU get a baby, & YOU get a baby & YOU get a baby!” *claps*

Y’know, I’m torn between being horrified by this and being kinda jealous that they can apparently get away with doing this. Because, as I said before,  we have issues getting people to allow couples to adopt children over here, and Pakistan is just giving them away! How on Earth is this legal?! I know it’s Pakistan, but my God! Also, while I feel screening processes over here can be kinda absurd at times, I hope that the people on these shows have their backgrounds checked.

“Some people seemed thrilled with what they saw as a huge act of generosity from the show. Others were not pleased with what they deemed a publicity stunt geared at bringing in ratings during the holy month of Ramadan, when many Muslims try to limit their TV viewing”. Maybe it’s a publicity stunt, I don’t really know, but personally, I’m more bothered by the fact that one of the children given away was apparently found IN THE TRASH! And this isn’t the first time I’ve heard of this happening, either! It’s actually becoming a VERY disturbing trend!

So, what do I think about this? Like I said, I’m torn on this. On the one hand, these kids CLEARLY need a home, and they’re being provided to couples who want them, one of which apparently were unable to conceive. On the other hand, though, I have no idea how this is legal, it’s highly likely this is a publicity stunt, and unless they’re being insanely careful here, it’s only a matter of time before this backfires somehow. So do I agree or disagree with this? Do I find it ethically sound? Honestly, I wish there was a better way for these kids to find good homes than a frigging game show, but if no one’s gonna do it…I don’t know.

What’s everybody else’s thoughts on this? Looking at comments on the news report, some agree, some disagree, and some are just having fun making the obvious and admittedly funny jokes about this scenario. So what do YOU think of this? Well, because I know some people might not want to voice their opinions for everyone to see, I’m gonna post a poll that you can use instead if you so choose. Either way, lemme know what you think. Ja né!