What I’d Do Instead of Superman/Wonder Woman

Remember when I said that I would’ve actually liked Superman/Wonder Woman if it was just about a couple of DC’s best superheroes teaming up to battle team-ups of their worst enemies? Well, since we all know that’s not the focus, I started thinking about what kind of comic they could do instead someday. Then I thought about a book called A+X, a Marvel book that centres around a different team-up of one Avenger and one X-Man with each story. It’s actually a pretty neat idea. So then I thought, what if DC did that?

Basically, what I had in mind is, they’d select one of their writers at random and just let them write a story about two DC superheroes teaming up to take on two of their rogues for two issues. For example, you could see Gail Simone write a story about Wonder Woman and The Flash fighting Cheetah and Gorilla Grodd, or Mike Johnson typing up Supergirl and Saint Walker vs Silver Banshee and Atrocitus. And they could keep it nice and basic, too: Two villains team-up for a crime of some sorts, two heroes that deal with them on a regular basis have to team up to take ’em on. Simple, basic, plenty of room for awesomeness.

So yeah, just an idea I thought I’d pass along for anyone who might be listening. Or hey, if no one at DC wants to do it, it’s always an idea I can use for my own superheroes. Either way, lemme know what ya think.

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  1. I think it sounds like a good Idea. I would rather them get to actual superhero antics than faff about talking about who is dating who or somesuch nonsense. Relationships can and are an important element in superhero stories, (See The Incredibles, Spider-man, The Powerpuff Girls, etc for this) but they ultimately should not be the **only** element in place. I don’t want to judge even **fictional characters** on who they decide to slobber all over, but Superman/WonderWoman always struck me as a what if thing. Not a ” I ship these two together because of how they both react to creamcheese” but rather “I decided that these two should be together because they both have heard of Creamcheese.” Both Wondie and Superman have similar looks, powers and are two of the “Big Three” recognisable superheroes from DC, but that does not an interesting relationship or story dynamic make. And I think ultimately, given both of these characters and their unique and dynamic histories and lore, putting two of these characters together like this leaves things unbalanced, and makes any story surrounded by this idea dull and unfocused. It isnt impossible, but a story that has to handle two characters like this interestingly and equally has to be taken on by a REALLY talented writer, in my opinion. Bottom Line: Romance is a good thing, but lets also make sure we leave room for Good Guys vs Bad guys, too, and never lose sight of what makes these characters interesting in the first place.

  2. Sounds like an interesting idea to me Jyger (although I haven’t read Marvel’s A+X series I know of it) and definitely one that would be in DC’s interest. Obviously can’t judge too quickly but I’m skeptical as to how much mileage a Superman/Wonder Woman series will have!

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