Newly Announced Superman/Wonder Woman Book, And Why It’ll Probably Suck (WARNING – ANGRY RANT AHEAD)

So, some new news from DC Comics, as apparently in addition to the Batman/Superman crossover book, there’s also going to be a Superman/Wonder Woman book coming out in October. And to those wondering why the title of this article is somewhat pessimistic, I would like to explain very simply why I think this book is gonna suck. And just to warn everyone, this is probably going to be a Joe Vargas-style rant by the time I get to the part that pisses me off most.

Now, I should list a few things I find noteworthy arguments to it sucking right off the bat. First off, I don’t mind that one name comes before the other, because when I see a crossover book, I don’t think that the one in front is trumping the other, I think of the two names together as a team. That’s just how I see it. Now, is it possible that’s not how it actually works? Of course. I’m just saying it doesn’t bother me personally. Also, I should point out that the writer is Charles Soule, who is currently writing what I’m told is a pretty good Swamp Thing. The other thing I should note is that this book has the potential to be awesome if it focused primarily on the two just being awesometastic superheroes. Plus, think of the potential villainous team-ups they could take on, like Lex Luthor and Veronica Cale, or Metallo and Cheetah. Y’know what? I’d buy that!

Now lemme tell you why it’s going to suck, and suck HARD: Because it’s NOT going to be centred around them as a superhero duo, it’s going to be centred around them being a couple. To this, I have to ask the obvious question: WHY? Why would you do this when you know everybody HATES what you’ve done with these two as a couple? Hell, didn’t you recently hint that the relationship was going to end soon, and end rather badly at that? So why in the hell are you having a book written where their relationship is the focus? GAAAHHHHHHH!!!

What’s particularly odd about this is that Man of Steel has just come out (no, I haven’t seen it yet, but when I have, expect a vlog), where one of the main characters is Lois Lane, and the two are in a relationship. So why in the hell is she constantly getting buried in the comics??? They split up the marriage, FINE. They spent a really long time as a couple without being married, I could see them reverting back to that. But WHY Wonder Woman?! I’ve mentioned before that the relationship angle COULD work with the right writing, and I mean it, but every time I’ve ever seen somebody from DC write it, it SUCKED. The best story I’ve ever seen that in any way, shape, or form dealt with a possible Superman/Wonder Woman pairing was JL8, and that’s not even a DC owned comic!

…ANYWAY, like I said before, if this was a book focusing on the two as heroes saving the day, that’d be great. But it’s NOT. This is a poorly masked attempt at a superhero romance book. And the sad truth of that is, even by that definition, it’ll probably fail HARD. Nope, all you’ve really done, DC, is push the fans that hated this idea in the first place past the point of no return. Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta go learn the Red Lantern oath, because I’m the type who hates to see things go to waste, and right now I feel that if my rage could be turned into a fuel source, I could power the whole planet for the next few decades. Ja né, and fuck whoever thought this was a good idea!

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