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What I Didn’t Buy Today (And Why I Should Have/Shouldn’t Have) – Superman Unchained #1

So I bought some comics, but I don’t really feel up to talking about them much today. I’m still kinda down from the thing I mentioned earlier, plus I just wanna work more on my stories, in particular Zenith Woman. What’s funny about Zenith Woman is that I started her series on the same week that Man of Steel is coming out, and of course I’d be full of it if I suggested that she wasn’t even a little bit inspired by Superman. And speaking of Superman, and his presence in the media this week, I wanna talk about the book I did NOT buy today: Superman Unchained #1.

Now, I haven’t read the book, only seen a few pictures of it, so I don’t really know much about it beyond what the solicit’s synopsis tells. And in case you haven’t seen the solicit, the synopsis reads…

And I quo-…Wait…

“When thirteen satellites fall from the sky in one day, the logical suspect is Lex Luthor – even though he’s still locked up in prison! But a stranger question remains: If Superman didn’t stop the last satellite from falling, who did? There’s a mystery hidden where even Superman can’t see it – Can The Man of Steel drag a decades-old secret into the light?” Now, as I said before, I haven’t read the book, so I can’t give a fair assessment if it’s good or not. However, considering it’s Scott Snyder and Jim Lee, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say probably? It can’t possibly be as bad as the Lobdell title, that much I am sure of.

So why didn’t I buy it? Well, the answer is simple: I didn’t have the money, okay? They wanted me to spend $4.99, a price usually reserved for annuals, on the same week that Batman, Batgirl, Nightwing, AND Li’l Gotham came out? Suck my left moob, Superman! lol Besides, there were a TON of copies, so I can always go back in on a week where there aren’t a lot of my favourite books coming out and get it then, which I will probably end up doing. But I’m sure people will wanna know what it’s like ahead of time to determine if it’s worth buying, so I’ll post links to people that have reviewed the book at the bottom of the page.

Anyway, I’ll let’cha guys know what I thought about the books I bought today tomorrow…I will warn you of this much, however: While it’s a good book, Batgirl #21 will scare the shit outta you! Ja né!

My Apology To JesuOtaku

…Ooookay, I need to make a HUGE apology here. Admittedly, part of me would like to hide behind the fact that I can be socially awkward at times. However, that doesn’t justify what I’ve done here, which was pretty much to shoot off at the mouth about something when I didn’t have all the facts. Anyone following my Tumblr knows exactly what happened, and if you don’t, I suggest you go read it now.

The truth is, I DO understand that relationships are tough. I’ve been in plenty, and they didn’t always end all that well. I understand that both parties are hurting right now, though for different reasons. I’m not going to take sides in this matter, and as of this posting, this is the last I will be speaking on this subject.

I should make clear, though, that I wasn’t the one who suggested that JO cheated. That’s not why I said I was disappointed in her. Where I was disappointed in her was due to my pre-conceived, and apparently mistaken, notion that she had taken a great relationship and thrown it away, made no better by what’s happened since in Nash’s personal life as of late and the mass drama that’s ensued from their break-up, which I have ironically helped to spread in my misguided attempt to vent my own feelings on the subject.

Looking back on my decision, I wonder if just needing to vent was the reason I did it. After all, I mentioned how everyone else had added their two cents on the matter, at least from what I’d seen. I wonder, honestly, did some part of me just want the attention? Did I just want my opinion out there so people could discuss it with me? Or was I hoping that with enough incentive JO would come out and tell her side of events?

Either way, when JO finally decided to speak on the matter, an argument ensued between herself, the man who shared the initial post, and one of my close friends who works at TGWTG Secrets and had originally turned down the post there but then commented on it once it was shared elsewhere. Seeing this happening, I made it clear to JO that, out of the three of us, I was the only one to make a snap-judgement of her. So, if it IS true that some part of me actually WAS looking for attention, it would appear as though I have it, much as I wish I hadn’t gained it in such a despicable manner.

So, to JO, to my friends, to anyone that was hurt by what I said, I’m sorry. To anyone still going on about this subject, I think it’s wise that we close the book on this. It’s not our business, and I should have realised that before saying what I said. I almost feel as though as I should be putting this in Tales of Dumbassery, but with those, I generally try to find humour in whatever happened, and there just isn’t anything funny about this.

Jeffery Adam Phillips