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Some Channel Awesome Related News – Linkara Says “Please Let Ads Play”, Welshy Leaves Internet

So there’s been some news related to TGWTG and Channel Awesome, so I thought I’d give my two cents on them both. First up, let’s talk about an issue that’s come up with Lewis Lovhaug, AKA Linkara, and a number of people who post on Blip. If any of these people mean anything to you, PLEASE watch the video.

…Yeah, first off, I’d just like to thank Lewis for basically saying the same thing I’ve been saying to people who complain about ads in videos. Guys, most ads are what, 30 seconds? Sure, maybe you’ll come across one of those really obnoxious ones that’s like three minutes long, but seriously, you could just mute it and read a comic or something. It’s still LEAGUES better than what we have to deal with on TV. Deal with it. Second, as I brought up on Tumblr, was definitely a good idea of Lewis to post this video on YouTube. While I get that he has his reasons for not posting his videos on YouTube and respect his decision to not do so, messages like this definitely work well by being posted there. They reach a wider audience. The other thing I’d like to note is that, while I don’t have a PayPal account, you can be sure that when I get one, the DVD will likely be among the first things I use it for, and I encourage others to do the same.

The second thing I’d like to talk about is that Welshy recently noted on his Tumblr that he will be leaving TGWTG, as well as the entire flipping internet entirely. He didn’t really wanna talk about why, but some of us already know and understand why it would be necessary for him. Now, this is admittedly kind of awkward for me to comment on as I was never really a big fan of Welshy’s work. However, I do understand his contributions to the site, and I most certainly understand why this is a big loss for them, especially considering that a number of people have left within the past few months (Spoony, Iron Liz, PushingUpRoses, and JewWario). I will say though that this could be an opportunity for other internet reviewers to possibly get in, like SF Debris or Confused Matthew. Still, big shoes to fill.

Anyway, that’s all I really wanted to talk about. Leave your comments below, and I’ll see y’all later. Ja né!

Tales of Dumbassery Follow-Up: Hornet’s Nest Story FALSE

Well, for anyone who misses when I used to tell stupid stories about my own mistakes and misfortune, you get your wish today, as we look to one of my own, and very recent…

Tales of Dumbassery

…Yeah, gimme a second here, I need to get my story straight. You’ll recall the other day I reported on a story posted by International Business Times involving a man who apparently died after having sex with a hornet’s nest and getting stung to death by said nest’s inhabitants. Naturally, I was kind of in shock that such a thing could happen, that I may have overlooked a couple of details in the story that makes the following statement by IBT seem kind of obvious…

And I quote…

“Unfortunately it turned out the story was a fake from a satirical news website in Sweden called Nyheterna Sverige, which was kindly pointed out by a number of our readers. The original story was spawned from animal rights campaigners who were worried about the well-being of hornets. However, the joke got lost in translation – as well the names of those involved. The neighbour’s name translates to erection and the fetish expert is called genital.”

So yeah, whole thing was a hoax. I probably should’ve figured that out, especially given the line about how he’d never seen a pelvic bone so swollen before. Now naturally, I assumed he meant the muscle AROUND the pelvic bone since, guess what, BONES DON’T SWELL. However, looking back on it, if they’d meant the muscle around the pelvic bone, they would’ve just said so. So yeah, my bad. The good news in all this, though, is that nobody’s dead, so I don’t have to feel bad about my comments.

…While we’re on the subject, though, I don’t find the joke all that funny. And no, it’s not because I fell for it, I think someone who makes fun of themselves as often as I do would be okay with that. I just feel that this wasn’t all that funny. It honestly comes off as gross-out humour used specifically for the fact that they couldn’t think of anything better. Sorry, that’s just how I feel.

But yeah, I still reported on a story that turned out to be false, and for that, I apologise. But hey, gave me something to make fun of myself with, so I guess it wasn’t a complete waste. Ja né!