Tales of Dumbassery – What Some IDIOTS Will Do On Google Maps’ Street View

Yes, it is now time, once again, to prepare yourself with a bottle of ibuprofen as we venture into the realm of…

Tales of Dumbassery

Now, for this one, I am NOT linking pictures. Why? Because I’m not sick…Well okay, I’m not THAT sick. lol

It was recently made news on The Telegraph that a couple was apparently caught having public sex on the side of Dukes Highway in southern Australia, bent over the back of a car. And of all ways they could be caught doing this, they were caught on Google Maps. Oh, but wait, it gets DUMBER. They appeared quite relaxed while in the midst of this act, as she was waving to the camera while he was chugging a can of beer in the middle of sex. In response to this, Google Maps has blurred the image (I would’ve just had another shot taken without two people having sex, but that’s just me), though you can find the original image on the article.

Now, as I understand it, it’s not all that rare for people to do outrageous things when they find themselves caught on the Street View of Google Maps. Still, you gotta be pretty frigging stupid to pull this, not to mention VERY open with your sex life to just display it for all to see. After all, unless they’re living in a place that allows public sex, I’m pretty sure they should be facing criminal charges of some sort.

And you wanna know what the worst part of all this is? I just KNOW somewhere in the back of my mind that this isn’t the worst thing to ever pop up on Google Maps. That’s how dumb people can be, folks. And it wouldn’t even have to be intentional. Back in 2010, a girl in Worcester playing with her friends lying down on the pavement got caught on Street View, and that led to the community thinking there’d been a murder.

So yeah, that’s my two cents on that little issue. Leave your thoughts below, and I will see you guys in a couple of days with a two-part What I Bought Today, starting on Tuesday with Injustice: Gods Among Us, and then ending on Wednesday with the new comics out. Ja né!

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