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The New Batwing’s Secret Identity Is…!

So for a few months now, fans have been trying to guess at the identity of the new Batwing. For those unaware, the past few issues have been sort of about the fall of the current Batwing, David Zavimbe, which will conclude this Wednesday as a new Batwing will take over. This new Batwing will look like THIS…

The New Batwing

But who is the individual behind the steel cowl? Well, word as of late has been that it’s someone very close to the Bat Family, meaning this won’t be a completely new face. So, given that this is the Batman of Africa, close associate to Batman, and given what we already know about this transition, the true identity of the new Batwing could only be…


…Yeah, okay, you saw that coming a mile away. Happy April Fools’ Day, everyone.

So who is the new Batwing? Well, there’s been a lot of speculation, from Timothy Fox to Jean-Paul Valley. One site seems to suggest it’s Stephanie Brown, which would amount to the greatest trolling on Earth and would actually make sense considering her history, but I somehow I don’t really think so, if for no other reason than I doubt very much that suit was made to fit her dimensions.

Me personally? My money’s on Tony Stark. After seeing Marvel event comics regularly be just about the good guys fighting each other, he decided to switch teams to DC and join Batman Incorporated, where they actually fight villains…and then to find out that the Trinity War event comic coming up apparently features members of the Justice League and the JLA fighting each other, so…yeah, kind of a wasted effort.

Admit it, he does kinda look like Iron Man in that suit.

So, what are your thoughts? Post them below, and we shall see if we find out Batwing’s true identity in a couple of days. Ja né!

…It better be Tony Stark. lol