Tales of Dumbassery – Sexual Indoctrination Programs is a Thing?!?! O_O

Before I get started, I would just like to say that I am going to be talking in this article about sex. If this offends you, turn away now. This is your only warning. Also, a lot of this is opinion-based, and I recognise that not everyone is going to have the same opinion as me. If you wish to voice your own opinion, please do so in the comment section below. All I ask is that commenters not argue with each other and turn it into a fight.

So I was reading some news sites, and I came across an article that mentioned something called ‘sexual indoctrination programs’. I had NO idea what in the flinging flanging hell that meant, so I asked my bbff (beloved best friend forever), PinkRangerWannabe, if she knew what it meant. I would like to apologize ahead of time if she got it wrong, because it pretty much dictates how the rest of this article will go, but this is nonetheless how she described it…

“Teaching 12 year olds how to masturbate, explore their bodies with mirrors and telling them that abstinence only means avoiding the type of sex that carries a risk of pregnancy and STIs.”

And then, I started to feel the sensation very much like what I would expect having one’s brain melting in their skull would feel like. Now, I refuse to believe I actually NEED to count off what’s wrong with this, but since it IS a thing, I have to accept that some people don’t get it, so here we go!

  1. Anything that has the word indoctrination in it, BAD THING.
  2. There is no way, no matter how you try to spin it, no matter how well intended you actually may or may not be, there is no way you can pass along the idea of teaching 12 year olds how to masturbate without somebody calling you out on it.
  3. This one is actually one my wonderful gf, DorkynProudofit, pointed out: This will essentially become D.A.R.E for sex, meaning that it won’t work at all and will likely get them MORE interested in what they are being told to stay away from.
  4. “Abstinence only means avoiding the type of sex that carries a risk of pregnancy and STIs”? Now first, let’s turn to Wikipedia to explain sexual abstinence

Sexual abstinence (also known as continence,) is the practice of refraining from some or all aspects of sexual activity for medical, psychological, legal, social, financial, philosophical, moral or religious reasons.” Now, me personally, I feel that’s inaccurate. Granted, this is just my opinion, but I feel that if you’re abstaining from doing something, you do so all the way.

Anyway, those are my own personal thoughts on the matter. I will add that a lot of what I just talked about is involved heavily with Planned Parenthood, and there really is no way to discuss my thoughts on that group without discussing my thoughts on pro-choice vs pro-life. I’m not going to do that for very simple reasons: I am not qualified to talk about abortion, and I don’t want the comments below to become a pro-choice vs pro-life flame war. And I’ve seen it happen, dear God, I’ve seen it get blown up over the smallest of comments. So no, that’s not gonna happen. If I see people arguing pro-choice vs pro-life in the comments, I’m gonna shut it down. That’s not what I want people to do here. I just want you guys to enjoy the escapist fiction and absurd reality, and…well, this was some freaking absurd reality. Ja né!


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  1. If I may…this program strikes me as the kind of thing, which, at its CORE, might be sort of something representing a not-quite-entirely-terrible idea, IF it were being brought about in a completely different way.

    See I don’t approve of Planned Parenthood (and no, that’s not an invite for an abortion argument, merely a statement I’m making for the purpose of my explanation), and it’s clear that what they’re doing here is for a very specific reason I ALSO don’t approve of. That being to teach absolute abstinence to impressionable kids through practices almost certain to morph them into sexually frustrated adults with little concept on reality.

    Now uber-Christian organizations trying to brainwash our kids into hating sex is nothing new. It’s practically occurred since the dawn of the religion. And it’s wrong. Fuck your bullshit “sex is evil unless you’re married and you’re just doing it for kids” rule. Or at the very least, quit forcing it on others. But that stuff is obvious. What it’s also doing is encouraging these mindsets in a very unusual way. Namely, with the whole having them masturbate and stuff like that. Now I don’t believe in masturbation being a bad thing, which is where my idea for this maybe working in a different way comes in.

    Kids need to be given an understanding as to what sex is. In a healthy, non-Christian-biased perspective. So, the idea to teach them to be more comfortable with their bodies is, and I know this is where my comment’s going to get controversial, actually a fairly progressive ideal. Teaching them that sex is NOT evil, that they CAN be okay with their own selves and that there IS a proper way to do just that. The problem is a) being a little too direct about the whole thing (there is a point where you reach NAMBLA territory, donchaknow), and b) when you put the whole “it’s not abstinence if it’s masturbation” thing into it. See, the religious views on it, however I may not agree with them, are not going to think that a very good compromise. And to be honest, you can’t really blame them for that. What’s more, anybody opposing the viewpoint is going to find it constricting, which you also can’t fault. What results is an absolute mess of a middle ground where nobody’s happy, and the poor kids being thrown in the midst of it have no clue what to make of all the contradictions, in a subject matter that was ALREADY very confusing for the poor buggers.

    In conclusion, a new kind of program for sex education is a notion I applaud, and feel is greatly needed. This, however, is not the answer we’re looking for. Just my two cents.

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