What If The Justice League Was Composed Of Only Women?

Continuing my look at all my favourite women of various medias that I’ve been doing as of late (don’t ask me why, I have no idea), I was going to pick my favourite DC women, but then I thought to myself “No. Do something different for this one.” So instead, I’ve decided to look at a What If scenario, like what if all the men of the Justice League were kidnapped or something and it was up to Wonder Woman to assemble an all woman Justice League to rescue them?

Now, keep in mind that I’m not taking continuity and whatnot into account, so villains are actually up for grabs here. Also, trying to keep this a balanced team both in powers and also colour-scheme, because I believe a team should have varying colours, unlike the current Teen Titans which is mostly red. So, skipping past Wonder Woman since she’s already kind of an obvious pick…

Diana of Themyscira, AKA Wonder Woman

…here are the women I think I’d like to see in this scenario.

The Queen of Atlantis and controller of all water, how could you not include Mera? Now for those unfamiliar with Mera who might be asking how that’s intimidating, I want you to think about something: 50-65% of the average adult human body is made up of water. Mera can literally set your insides against you if she chooses. In other words, NEVER PISS HER OFF.

Kara Zor-L, AKA Power Girl

Obviously ignoring CERTAIN continuities here. It’s kind of hard to deny Power Girl‘s place on a Justice League that lacks Superman since she has all the same strengths and weaknesses as the Man of Steel. Plus, she has certain…erm, features that tend to distract people, which just makes it all the easier for her to punch a sucker out. Obviously, Kryptonite and magical attacks would be a problem for her, but she’s usually smart enough to avoid those anyway.

Pamela Isley, AKA Poison Ivy

Yeah, like you didn’t see THIS coming. lol For realsies, though, Poison Ivy’s control over all plant-life would be useful depending on the situation, as is her ability to “influence” people to do as she asks. The only problem is that…well, you’d wanna keep a close eye on her is all. I know I’m ignoring continuity, but I’ve never known a version of Pamela Isley that wasn’t at least a little troublesome and hard to trust.

Mary, AKA Strix

A former Talon of the Court of Owls, I like to think of Mary as being the writers’ way of being allowed to write Cassandra Cain without actually writing Cassandra Cain. As an ex-assassin, she’s perfectly capable of sneaking into complexes and quietly disabling guards, and considering that she has a compound in her blood that makes her immortal, her only weakness is to the cold. Otherwise, you cannot stop her. Ever.

Jesse Chambers, AKA Jesse Quick

Armed with the strength of her mother, Liberty Belle, and the ability to tap into the Speed Force, Jessie Quick seems like a natural pick for this group. So not only can she move like The Flash, but she can do so while carrying a bus-load of people. And hey, considering the amount of times fights break out in heavily populated cities, it’s good to have someone around like that who can do stuff like that.

Kendra Saunders, AKA Hawkgirl

Yeah, kinda biased here as I was a big fan of the Justice League cartoon. To be fair, though, she’s a very capable fighter, a graceful flyer, and of course, that mace of hers is probably tough enough to knock Superman around! If that doesn’t qualify her, I don’t know what does! o.O

Rachel Roth, AKA Raven

Say it with me now: “Azarath Metrion ZINTHOS!” Raven is telekinetic, empathic, has limited precognition, some forms of sorcery, and can control and manipulate the shadows and anything within them. The only thing you wanna watch out for is that her empathic powers can come back to bite her on occasion, and she also has this little tendency to turn evil every so often since her Dad likes to mess with her head.

Katherine Kane, AKA Batwoman

Again, if you’re forming a team to save the men of the Justice League, who better to go save Batman than Batwoman? She’s a skilled martial artist and detective, has a vast knowledge of military protocol, and has the finances to build various gadgetry like Batarangs, a grappling hook, bladed gauntlets, and a glider-cape.

Barbara Gordon, AKA Oracle

And of course, since every team needs a little back-up in case of emergencies, who better to have their back than Oracle? Her computer hacking skills are freaking legendary, thus making her the digital eyes and ears of the Justice League.

And those are my picks for if the Justice League was made up of only women. Have a different line-up, by all means, post it below, and I will see y’all later. Ja né!

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