Batman/Superman Confirmed For June ’13

So USA Today just confirmed something that, from what I’ve heard, Rob Liefeld spoiled months ago: A new Batman/Superman team-up book is on its way this summer. The comic is to be written by Greg Pak, who is yet another long-time Marvel writer that DC is snatching up, and illustrated by Jae Lee, who also did a ton of Marvel work, but has also admittedly done a little work with DC and also some work with Image. This book is slated to take place during the past of the New 52, when Bruce Wayne was new to being Batman, and Clark Kent was the Superman of the working class, and the two have their first interactions.

I can fashion a cape that looks like a Rorschach test when it’s billowing in the wind…BECAUSE I’M BATMAN! (Never gets old)

Okay, so as a guy who gets bothered by continuity hiccups, I have a slight issue here. In Justice League #1, Batman told Hal Jordan that he’d never met Superman, only researched him, and in Justice League #2, it was rather clear that Superman and Batman were having their first interaction right there. The only way this makes any sense is if one of the following occurs…

  1. An event occurs in this book that Superman and Batman decide to keep to themselves.
  2. The two get mind-wiped or otherwise have something happen to them to make them forget the events of this comic book, which would ultimately make this book rather pointless unless they manage to remember them later on.
  3. They only very briefly catch sight of each other prior to Justice League’s events, and the rest of this comic involves them teaming up during the five year gap between the first and second arcs of Justice League.

This illustration seems to back up Possibility #3, as Superman is very clearly wearing his Kryptonian Armour and not his t-shirt and jeans.

Otherwise, I will say that I am interested in reading this book. Not quite as much as Scott Snyder and Jim Lee’s upcoming Superman title, though. Speaking of which, the Snyder/Lee Superman book still hasn’t been publicly named yet, but I’ve heard it’s likely going to be coming out around the same time as Batman/Superman. I will say that I wanna melt my brain after hearing people refer to this as ‘Batsoup’…though not quite as much as I do after seeing that in the latest Wonder Woman comic, Orion apparently slapped Diana’s ass and got away with it with little more than a scowl….Yeah, I think I’m getting why this is a Batman/Superman comic and not a Trinity comic, but I’ll have to get to that later. Ja né!


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