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What I Bought Today – Nightwing #17 & Justice League of America #1 + News Involving Batwoman (WARNING – SPOILERS)

Well, tis Wednesday yet again, and I have been to the comic book shop, so let’s look at…

What I Bought Today

Before I get to Nightwing #17, I have an apology to make. Last time I looked at Nightwing, I reported that all of the circus folk were dead. That’s not actually true, but allow me a moment to explain myself. The reason I thought they were dead isn’t just the destruction of Amusement Mile and Haly’s Circus, but because they all were infected with Joker Venom, after which they beat the crap outta Nightwing. So why did I think they were dead? Because I was under the impression it was the same blend as was used on Raya that ultimately killed her. I shouldn’t have just assumed that, though, and thus I apologise.

So yeah, Nightwing #17 does two things: The first is showing Dick Grayson lying to EVERYONE and saying that he’s alright while he watches his whole world fall apart, with Haly’s burnt to ashes, the circus folk turning their backs on him, his trust fund being completely emptied out, and his old friend/ex-girlfriend Raya dead. The other thing it does is remind me of better days, as when Nightwing almost goes ape crap on some guys raiding the ruins of Amusement Mile, none other than Robin manages to stop him, reminding me of the days when Dick and Damian were the Dynamic Duo and Dick was usually the one having to keep Damian from pulling the proverbial trigger. Also, word is Nightwing will be moving to Chicago in the future. I guess Blüdhaven didn’t get magically rebuilt with the reboot. lol

Btw, I got the one with the Hawaiian Flag. I don’t know why. XD

Justice League of America #1 has me scratching my head at points, but overall, it seems pretty solid. Apparently, it centres around two major points. The first is that recent events (the Atlantis event, the disappearance of Booster Gold after witnessing the kiss between Superman and Wonder Woman, and likely a few other reasons) have left a level of mistrust in the Justice League, leading to the government forming the JLA to not only serve as a team of elite heroes but to also to act as a fail safe against the League just in case. As for the second, remember how in Justice League #6 we saw two members of the Religion of Crime plotting? It seems they’re finally making a move in the form of the Secret Society. Green Arrow manages to learn about this, but takes heavy damage on the way back to Steve Trevor, just managing to tell him of the Secret Society before seemingly flat-lining. Of course, since Oliver has his own solo book that just got a whole new team working on it, and since Arrow is DC’s current cash cow, I somehow doubt he’s truly dead.

So that’s it for what I bought today, but there’s one other thing I thought I’d report, and that’s what happened in Batwoman #17…

SQUEEE, a wedding!!!… … …*ahem* Anyway, that’s all from me. Check in week when I look at Talon #5, where Calvin Rose takes the fight to the Court of Owls, and Batman Incorporated #8, where I’m hoping we don’t get some tragic news. Ja né!