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Jyger’s Favourite 5 – 5 Favourite Couples in DC Comics + Thoughts & Prayers For Russia

I wasn’t sure exactly how to go about doing today’s Favourite 5, given what happened in the skies over Russia. For those who don’t watch the news, or don’t have friends who watch the news and send you links to the news whenever something insane like this happens (Thanks N. Harmonik), a meteor frakking EXPLODED over the Ural Mountains in Russia. Now I am not a scientist, nor do a play one on television, but I do have a theory on how a meteor could’ve blown up, given one piece of information that was reported…

And I quote…

“The meteor — estimated to be about 9 tonnes — entered the Earth’s atmosphere at a hypersonic speed of at least 54,000 km/h and shattered about 30 to 50 kilometres above the ground, the Russian Academy of Sciences said in a statement.” So my guess is that the meteor was simply going too fast and was damaging itself so much from the resulting sonic booms created when it was breaking the sound barrier that it simply couldn’t sustain itself and shattered. I do know that the explosion blew out windows and glass in 3000 buildings, resulting in over 1000 people being injured. Luckily, there doesn’t seem to be any fatalities, or at least none reported yet. People being afraid for their lives over there, thinking the world is ending, and I suppose if I were there, I might be feeling the same.

This is one of those times where I think to myself “How can I possibly go on here today and talk about comic books in the face of THIS?” The answer? My slogan for this site, “Escapist fiction, absurd reality”. So I’m hoping that if anybody reads this from Russia, or just anybody who’s affected by this, even if only emotionally, they get some escapism from that here, ‘cuz that’s pretty much all I can do at this point. Well that and, if I see any relief efforts for the people over there, I’ll post them in a later blog entry.

So with all that said, getting back to the spirit of love, let’s take a look at 5 of my favourite couples in DC Comics.

#1 – Tim Drake and Stephanie Brown

Yeah, this was kind of obvious, huh? I actually used to have the issue of Detective Comics where Stephanie debuted in, I’m not sure what I did with it over the years though. Which actually sucks, because these days, it’d likely be my treasured comic in my collection. And right from the get-go, you could tell Tim had a thing for Steph. As the years went by, they kind of became an on-again/off-again couple. Heck, at one point, Stephanie actually replaced Tim as Robin. Still, when they were together, they were always a sweet couple, and honestly, even when they weren’t together, their interactions were sweet and even legitimately funny at times. I’m glad she eventually moved past being a heroine to impress Tim and instead decided to do it because she was a good person, but if these two ever got back together again, they’d have my blessing.

#2 - Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle

#2 – Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle

Okay, this is mostly ignoring recent changes where Catwoman doesn’t know Batman’s identity and they’ve mostly just been having sex on rooftops, though I will say that sometimes, elements of their past relationship come through. The constant cat and mouse chases between them where Selina was just out to get his attention made their relationship an interesting one. Plus, despite being a cat burglar, she was still a good enough person to help Bruce and others out when her help was legitimately needed, although at times she would have other motives for helping. So what do you get when you take the world’s greatest detective and set him against a gal who walks the line between good and bad AND can match his wits and skill? Pretty much a match that was made in Heaven AND Hell.

#3 – Kori and Dick Grayson

Okay, this one’s kinda painted by the cartoon, but as I understand it, their relationship was kind of adorable in the comics too. When Starfire first arrived on Earth, Dick did all he could to help her, and ever since, they’ve been occasional lovers/good friends for years. At one point, they were almost married, but some stuff went down that kinda put an end to that. Eventually, they decided to just be good friends, but I will say that they could be very sweet together.

#4 - Aquaman and Mera

#4 – Aquaman and Mera

So get this, right? Mera was originally the princess of an extra-dimensional penal colony that was sent to assassinate Aquaman in retaliation for the people of said colony being exiled from Atlantis. So what does she do? Well, as is typical of any woman who witnesses the badass awesomeness that is Aquaman, she decided she wanted his babies…I’m not kidding, Aquababy, Google it. Anyway, the two have not only been married for quite some time, but also served as a pretty badass superhero tag team of sorts, which just makes Mera all the more awesome as she’s clearly not the stay at home kind of wife.

And if you can’t figure out what the last one on this list is, I could seriously punch you…

#5 – Superman and Lois Lane

CURSE YOU, DC COMICS! Seriously, whose idea was it to split these two up for the New 52? This is like the original couple of superhero comics! And it wasn’t enough to make them not married anymore, then you had to make it so they were never in a relationship, that Lois doesn’t know Superman is Clark Kent, and then you had to make Superman super stalk Lois and spy on her texts? And don’t even get me started on Superman Earth-1 or Injustice: Gods Among Us. And you know what? I defended your asses on this. I truly believe that Lois could work simply as a good friend/ally/supporter of Superman, but it sure as hell ain’t been, has it? I said that Superman and Wonder Woman as a couple COULD WORK, and look at how THAT got messed up. Seriously, SOMETHING has to be done to fix this. I don’t care what it is at this point, and I don’t even necessarily mean making them married again, just do something to make this feel like less of a slap in the face. That’s all I’m asking.

So that’s it for my look at my favourite couples from DC. Now I know yer probably wondering why there are no Marvel couples here, and that’s basically because I don’t really have enough favourites to make a Favourite 5. However, because I have an unnatural need to please people, I’ll make an entry later on discussing my favourite Marvel couples. Ja né!