Jyger’s Favourite 10?!?! – 10 Favourite Opening Themes of the 90’s

So with the return of the Nostalgia Critic, I’ve been getting nostalgia fever for the 90’s all over again. Sure, 90’s tv shows could be freaking weird at times, but they were still pretty awesome in their own right. And one thing that definitely helped to get us pumped for the shows was their opening themes. Heck, there are even some shows that I didn’t watch but still managed to have awesometastic themes. But which are my own personal favourites? Well, that’s what I’m here to look at. But whereas I usually list 5 of my favourites within categories on this blog, there are simply WAY too many to keep to that little amount. With that said, let’s check out my 10 Favourite Opening Themes of the 90’s, and given my love of comics, let’s start off with…

Bet’cha weren’t expecting THAT, were ya? But for real, I loved Cybersix when I was able to catch it on TV, which I seem to recall being difficult for some reason. And don’t ask me what my cable plan was like, I have no frakking clue. But it was always great, and this song served as a great means to get us into the show. It’s weird that a song that captures Cybersix’s more vulnerable side is playing while she’s kicking all kinds of ass, but it manages to work here. I also haven’t had the chance to read the comics, which as I understand it were even darker in tone, but I get the feeling I would have this song playing in my head at all times while reading.

Y’know, I hear a lot of people ripping on F•R•I•E•N•D•S a lot. Even looking back on shows that were going at around the same time as it, they ALWAYS ripped on this show. So with all that said…Screw you, I loved this show! Was it silly? Yes. Did the characters get Flanderized over time? Sure. Did the cast use WAY too much hair gel? Frak yeah, they did! I don’t care, I still loved this show, and every time I hear this song, it reminds me of the days when I woulda loved to sit in with those guys at Central Perk…which is weird, since I don’t even drink coffee…Anyway…

It’s always been fascinating to me that, when you watch this intro, at no point in this intro do you see the word “Batman” written ANYWHERE. But let’s be honest, that’s what makes it so awesome: It doesn’t HAVE to. As soon as you see it, you immediately know you’re on the right channel, and it’s time for Batman: The Animated Series. This was probably one of the most badass cartoons of the 90’s, and man oh man, did it have a badass theme to go with.

Okay, technically my favourite version of Whose Line Is It Anyway? was the American one, but this show was pretty awesome too, and it had something the American lacked: A proper opening theme. It had a kind of theme, but if you asked me to hum it for you, I probably wouldn’t be able to. The British version on the other hand? Always loved this theme, and always got me in the mood for some hilarious improv, so much to the point that now when I’m watching the American version, I sometimes play this song first.

Yeah, like you didn’t know THIS was coming. Granted, I’m not one of those people who argues that Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was the greatest of all the PR shows, or even that Go Go Power Rangers was the greatest theme of all, but they’re both among my favourites and are, for obvious reasons, the ones I’m most nostalgic for. For some weird reason, they decided to remix this theme for Power Rangers Samurai but without Ron Wasserman, and for the life of me I cannot figure out why. But whatever, this song remains awesome, and has scored a number of covers over the years…though one thing that always confused me was why Ron insisted on pronouncing it PoWA RanGAHS instead of PoWER RanGERS in the original version. Was that just a 90’s thing that I never got, or what?

Okay, admittedly I’m kind of pseudo cheating here since Digimon started airing in North America in Fall 1999 and lasted until June 24th, 2000. So yeah, it’s VERY barely a 90’s show, but since it started then, I’m still counting it. And honestly, the early days of the show when they were seven kids trying to survive in a world they didn’t understand? That was probably the best part of the show. There was this sense of wonder mixed with danger that never let up. And this theme, simplistic as it is, got me pumped for it every time I heard it.

Again, kinda knew this was gonna be on here. I know this is kinda weird to say but the original season of Pokémon is probably the one that had the most balls…No, not Poké Balls. Think about it, there were guns, there was a moment where Misty was bleeding, there were some traces of adult humour, and hell, Ash technically died in one episode. But above all else, I think the original season best captured the idea of a young kid way in over his head with something to prove to himself and the world, a feeling that was captured best by this theme. Granted, I do have some favourites besides this. In fact, I daresay there was only one Pokémon theme that I would consider bad, and that was the Battle Frontier theme. And oh yes, don’t worry, Battle Frontier WILL have its day on Jyger’s Rant…

Doesn’t get much more 90’s than Dragon Ball Z. I remember there were actually a couple of themes for this show, though, but this one’s my favourite, and is probably the one people remember most…Well, at least North Americans that watched it for the first time in English, anyway. But anyway, this song kicked all kinds of ass, and got us amped up for the show…even if most of the clips from the intro are from the CLEARLY non-canon movies and episodes several seasons away because the show had already finished its run in Japan by the time it started airing over here. Whoops.

Oops! That’s the version with the lyrics Doug Walker came up with. Hang on…

…Okay, I gotta admit to something. I never watched Superman: The Animated Series. I’m sorry, I don’t know what it was that turned me off to the show back then, but I just wasn’t interested. This kinda became a problem for me later on when Justice League started, so I had to read up on some stuff that happened in Superman and of course felt like an idiot. I will say I always liked the intro, though. Much like Batman’s intro, there are no lyrics, you never see the name of the show anywhere, but you know it’s Superman. Also, it possesses that same sorta triumphant tone that eventually fades into a more tender theme, then back to triumphant that pretty much every Superman theme either has or should have. So while I never watched the show, I gotta say this song definitely makes it to my soundtrack of 90’s television.

Frak yeah, this show was awesome! Gargoyles was probably the best damned cartoon that Disney ever put on. Dark, epic, engaging, damn near Shakespearian in how it tells the tales of some of these characters, and with plenty of humour to keep the kiddies from being too traumatised. lol Everything you want in a show, Gargoyles delivered, and this song and opening sequence captured every last bit of what made it awesome and reeled it for us for a little over a minute before letting loose the episode, and when the episode hit, you were frakking PSYCHED AS SHITE!

So that’s my 10 favourite opening themes of the 90’s. I hope you enjoyed, and by all means, comment below on what you felt were the best tv opening themes of the 90’s. Ja né!


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  1. Naturally, all three Sonic the Hedgehog themes of the 90s.

  2. Jacques Chiasson

    I will be honest here: A few of them I couldn’t even remember… until I saw the video for them, that is. All the other one’s, hell’s yeah I remember them… and they rocked! Long live 90’s shows!!

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