20,000+ Views!!! + Raven’s New Clothes

So, two things I wanted to talk about. First, I have surpassed 20,000 views on my blog, which is AWESOME. 20,000 views in just a little under 2 years, I feel very good about that, and I’m hoping for 30,000 by Year 3 here. ^_^

Second, I was on Twitter earlier, when I noticed Linkara talking about Raven in the New 52. Now, the last time I saw Raven was in The Phantom Stranger #1 (Spoilers: IT SUCKED) wherein the Phantom Stranger actually DELIVERED Raven to Trigon in a move that royally pissed me off. Now I come to understand that since then, she’s been indoctrinated or whatever and is evil again. Great. Oh, and she’s wearing a new costume too, which apparently people are really pissed off about, though personally, I side more with Lewis in that I’m more irritated by her being evil for the millionth time. But since I know people might be interested and didn’t see the début of her new look in Teen Titans #16, here it is…

Raven in the New 52

…Okay, I will say a couple of things in this costume’s defence. The first is that it’s not really so much a horrible costume so much as it is horrible for Raven and her character, especially when compared to previous costumes she’s worn. The other thing I’ll say is, at least it’s not nearly as bad as a certain other costume change from a certain other heel turn of hers…

… … …Y’know, no matter how many times I look at that, I still slap myself in the forehead and go “What the fuck were they thinking with that?!” But you wanna know what the saddest part of the new costume she’s wearing? She still manages to look more dignified than certain other former Titans…

Starfire in the New 52

…I’m Jyger85, and I miss when the Titans were fun. Ja né.


About Jyger85

Huge fan of wrestling, Kamen Rider, Power Rangers/Super Sentai, and video games. But I WILL talk smack when one of them tick me off. lol

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