What I Bought Today – Nightwing #15 (WARNING – SPOILERS!)

Yep, only one comic today. Good news is that while there aren’t any titles I collect regularly coming out next week, I do hope to have new comics nonetheless. For now, let’s dive right into Nightwing #15…And you know what? Let’s make this a review, so SPOILERS!

Best part of the DotF covers? It’s impossible for them to trigger my comic cover pet peeve. lol

Kyle Higgins and Eddy Barrows return to the helm of Nightwing as the mystery of whether or not Joker knows the identities of Batman and his allies continues to lean towards Joker indeed knowing who they are, or at least some of them. Right off the bat, Joker makes his first strike on Dick as he murders Jimmy, the clown from Haly’s Circus. Nightwing finds out while he’s on patrol with an appropriately written Batgirl (seriously, someone should make a note that Tom DeFalco should never be allowed to write her ever again) after Sonia Branch calls him. If you don’t know, Sonia Branch is Dick Grayson‘s new love interest who also is a business partner of his in his attempts to make Haly’s Circus a permanent fixture in Gotham City‘s Amusement Mile, and also just happens to be Tony Zucco‘s daughter.

Dick decides that the circus folk need to leave Gotham immediately, since unbeknownst to them, Jimmy was likely murdered due to his association with Dick who is really Nightwing. Meanwhile, he also has to look into Joker breaking Dick’s old friend Raya out of Blackgate Prison. After investigating her cell and finding nothing, he instead takes a blood sample from Jimmy’s body in the Gotham City Morgue to analyse. Afterwards,  he goes to see Sonia, who has refused to leave town, and is trying to cheer him up. However, when things get romantic, Dick is clearly uncomfortable getting involved with the daughter of the man responsible for the murder of his parents in such a manner.

The results of the test come in (and no, no one has breast cancer, don’t make that joke), and he learns that there were trace elements of jet fuel in Jimmy’s blood, which leads him to Kline Industries. Kline Industries WAS a rising power in the aerospace field, but they went bankrupt after their fuel formula was proven to be a knock-off of one developed by Wayne Enterprises. And yep, Joker’s hiding out here, further suggesting he does in fact know the Bat Family‘s secret identities. But he’s not alone, as he’s infected Raya with Joker Venom, put her in a Nightwing costume knock-off, and taped long blades to her hands as she flails about trying to kill Nightwing. Joker leaves to do God-knows-what at this point, as Nightwing tries desperately to talk Raya down. After a while, her body rejects the Joker Venom, but only because her body is breaking down. While he manages to cure her, it’s too late to save her. However, after failing to resuscitate her, he finds a message from the Joker written on her body…

What: A Surprise Party
Where: Amusement Mile
Hosted By: Haly’s Circus

So yeah, Death of the Family continues to freak me the frak out. And given previews of future issues of Nightwing that have come out, it’s possible that Dick’s personal mission for the past dozen+ issues will be coming to a tragic end next issue. On a side note, I would like to note that I have no idea how it could be possible at this point for Joker to NOT know the secret identities of Batman and his allies, given his methods of mental attack on them as of late. Anyway, next week will be about what I got for Christmas, and then on the first week of January we return to Gotham City with Batman Incorporated and Talon. Ja né!


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