Stephanie Brown wins 3rd Annual Kick Ass DC Woman Contest

I know, I will not shut up about Stephanie Brown, but I felt the need to share this piece of information. DC Women Kicking Ass, a blog that celebrates DC Superheroines and villainesses that kick ass, finished its third annual Kick Ass DC Woman Contest, a tournament of sorts where fans vote for the winners of each match. This year, the winner was none other than my favourite DC Superheroine of all time, Stephanie Brown (AKA Spoiler, Robin, and Batgirl), who defeated Black Canary in the finals. So, in celebration of this, I thought I’d share Waffles For Steph’s deviant Art group, with the link to where you can see their amazing images in full view, as well as comment favourite them.

And to DC Editorial, writers, head staff, whomever may read this, I ask you to consider this: Look at the popularity this character has. Look at her track record. Still not convinced? Well, I want you to read this and scroll down to where it talks about Batgirl Rising:

I don’t think that fans are asking for the moon here. And I’m not asking that she replace Barbara Gordon as Batgirl again, but at least allow writers that want to tell stories with this character the chance to do so. It doesn’t even need to be something big and grand that changes the entire landscape of the DC Universe, just let her back in. That’s all. Let the rest  take care of itself. Ja né!

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