Preview Images for Batman #15

So yeah, Comicvine has recently released some preview images for next month’s issue of Batman. during their interview with Greg Capullo. I highly recommend that you go check out this interview…

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…but if you aren’t interested, here are the images. First, let’s take a look at the cover, which admittedly has been available for a while.

And somewhere, Film Brain screams “SYMBOLISM!!!”

I’d make a joke about how Batman’s got Joker on the brain, but that’d be pointless since the cover is outright showing us that. And if that isn’t enough to prove that, trust me, one of the images in this line-up will. Next up is the first of the images I saw…

Okay, my own issues with Red Hood and the Outlaws aside, seeing Red Hood, Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin, Red Robin, and Batman all together is AWESOME.

This seems to suggest a definite stand-or-fall-together story, that the Bat Family knows the Joker is after them all and, despite certain issues they may have with each other (Tim Drake and Damian Wayne can’t get along and NOBODY trusts Jason Todd, although Tim does occasionally sympathise with him…for some reason), the six are going to have to come together if they want to live through this.

Here, we can make out Batman gliding across Gotham, passing over a couple clearly about to go for a home run, before settling on a house showing a family having dinner together. Well, maybe he’s going to watch a family all together as a sign of hope in this horrible situation, or maybe he’s just checking on the people to make sure they’re okay, or…

And the whole family has just been blinded by shattering glass. Or at least they would be in real life.

…or maybe he wants to scare the hell out of them. I can’t help but hear Christian Bale‘s voice in my head screaming “WHERE WERE THE OTHER DRUGS?!?!” at the sight of this. I think the implication here is that the head of the family works for Joker, or possibly used to work for him, and Batman, obviously driven more than a little bit crazed by what Joker’s done over the past couple of issues, picked the worst possible time to grab him EVER.

Okay, I joke, but can you honestly blame Batman for not thinking straight here? Joker has murdered several people by this point, almost killed Commissioner Gordon, kidnapped and blinded Alfred, and has declared his intent to murder Robin, Red Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, and Red Hood, all of whom make up Batman’s closest circle, like a family, and that he knows their identities, addresses, and even the soap they use, meaning he can get at them in just about any way he wants. It’s probably all Batman can do to not grab the first person he knows for sure is associated with Joker and not torture them for information.

So yeah, Death of the Family continues to get creepier by the issue, and while I’m just about ready to wet myself in fear of it, I continue to press onward. Until then, I’m Jyger, and I remain scared shitless. Ja né!


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