Outrun Bio

So yeah, here’s another bio for a character in my story, Green Defender. This time, we’ve got a speedster as we look at Outrun, originally thought up by my friend David, who is actually the co-host for Annetto Has A Webshow.

And again, I have to remind you, I can’t draw. At all. Thus, I made the below image with the Hero Machine 3.0 Alpha. Now obviously, this hero is VERY Flash inspired (Barry Allen/Wally West/Bart Allen Flash that is), can’t help it, he’s the most famous superhero with superspeed. There was one request that David had regarding the design, though: No mask. And it’s really simple why: When he’s moving as fast as he does, why bother wearing a mask? No one can see his face anyway. I also gave him a utility belt for different gadgets, which you’ll note just about every one of my heroes has a utility belt or some kind of gadgetry to them. It’s for two reasons, 1) I’m a big Batman fan, and 2) I just feel that even those with superpowers should have something to fall back on in an emergency.

Name: Stanley Davidson
Alias: Outrun
Age: 24
City: Mosswood City
Operates out of: Hidden underground lab under Mosswood City

Bio: Stanley Davidson went to school with many of the members of the League of High School Superheroes, even managing to successfully determine most of their secret identities. During an attack on the school by superhumans with superspeed, known as The Streak, he helped them to hide under the school, only to be caught in the middle of an attack where The Streak phased together into a massive speeding bolt. However, by some miracle, not only did he survive, he was left with their powers and used them to help save the team. Afterwards, he was allowed into the League, and later became a senior member mentoring the younger members until an incident kept secret between a few of the senior members caused him to leave, now operating as a roving ally of Strix’s.

Personality: Stan is usually optimistic, laid back, and easy going outside of superheroing, as he usually needs that time to slow his mind down and relax. He’s generally smart enough to see through deceptions, though his friends still know how to play tricks on him at times. However, he has his moments where he an get upset rather easily, usually when someone is overly stubborn or goes against his set of principles. He’s actually good friends with Green Defender, as the two understand each other and the similar circumstances where they were both made superhumans in accidents that should have killed them, though they can occasionally get on each other’s nerves.

Powers: Outrun, as his name suggests, can run so fast that most people would only see a mere blur, if at all. Because of this, he feels no need to wear a mask. While he can usually suppress sonic-booms, it’s impossible for him to concentrate hard enough to achieve maximum velocity (actual Mach level unknown) and not create a sonic-boom. He can bicycle kick or machine gun punch through stone, steel, and earth with ease. To a living being, his strikes would almost certainly be fatal if he wasn’t holding back on them.

Equipment: Outrun’s belt is equipped with a number of multi-part tools and gadgets that combine together in different ways, including rifles that fire remote detonated plastique, radio transmitters, goop bombs, and EMP charges.

Weaknesses: Because his speed is used primarily through his legs, if he’s unable to move them for whatever reason, he’s completely vulnerable. Also, using his super speed requires a mass amount of concentration to avoid running through walls or into people and/or vehicles. Finally, while he can usually move fast enough that he can barely be seen, this is much harder to accomplish in a small, confined area.

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