Earth-2 #6, World’s Finest #6, and Detective Comics #14 (WARNING: SPOILERS)

Yeah, decided to do all three comics I bought today at once. Otherwise, it just feels like I’m whoring these out for more views…which, don’t get me wrong, I can at times be something of an attention whore, but even I have my standards. So anyway, let’s start off with the book I couldn’t seem to put down every break at work today, Earth-2 #6.

One issue I always have with the covers for Earth-2, Hawkgirl‘s weapons. SHE DOES NOT USE A PISTOL IN THE COMICS.

I am continuously baffled by the fact that A) This remains the best comic I read the first week of every month, and B) That the person who wrote this also wrote Cry For Justice (or as I like to call it, Gay For Vengeance), James Robinson. I guess it just goes to show that anyone, ANYONE, can create pure crap sometimes. But yeah, this one concludes the battle with Grundy, which really, the only problem I have with that is that it ended rather quick. Just three issues. Then again, maybe that’s just the perspective of someone who actually really likes Scott Snyder‘s habit of doing LOOOOONG story arcs. Also, I gotta admit, the way that Alan Scott defeats him is REALLY clever: He flies him into orbit and hurls him to the moon where The Grey can’t reach him, and because they invested so much in Grundy, that screws their whole plans.

If I had one legit complaint about this comic, it’s that after the battle, GL tells Flash and Hawkgirl that when the real threat they’ve all been warned about appears, he doesn’t need them. Kinda seems at odds with the character. The only thing I can figure is that this first victory has made him overconfident, which I suppose is perfectly natural, or it’s a smokescreen to hide that he doesn’t want to risk anyone else’s lives. Either way, suppose it’s a minor hiccup, and I’m still very much intrigued to see what happens next.

Sadly, the cover’s somewhat lackluster…kinda like the fight. :\

Next up, World’s Finest #6…Okay, here’s a problem I’ve had with World’s Finest. It’s not that I don’t like this comic, I really do, but if I had to isolate my issues with the comic, it pretty much centres around Power Girl. And no, it’s not the costume, I’ve already given my 2 cents on that matter. MY problem is that she’s constantly mentally undressing men, dressing all sexy to get their attention and use their talents to try and find a way home, and despite her wearing a less revealing costume, it’s CONSTANTLY being ripped to shreds. There’s sexy and she knows it, and then there’s THIS kind of thing.

Fortunately, this issue doesn’t focus on her all that much, instead focusing mostly on a confrontation between Huntress and Robin. Unfortunately, it’s somewhat underwhelming, considering. I do like the point where Damian notes that Huntress’ style resembles an odd cross of his father’s and Catwoman‘s and you can feel the gears in his head start to turn as he’s starting to figure out just who she is. Of course, I had to facepalm hard at the end when it appears that Huntress is going to tell him everything, leaving me to wonder “If you’re just going to tell him everything now, why the secret to begin with?” Anyway, it was okay, but I’ve seen better out of this series and I’m hoping they go in a better direction soon.

…Lucky bastard…T_T

And finally, Detective Comics #14, wherein one of the villains/supporting characters in this arc is Poison Ivy…and I’m just going to say this right now, you know how a lot of guys that watched Batman: The Animated Series had major crushes on Harley Quinn? Well, I kind of had my eye on a different villainess then, and I gotta admit, every time Poison Ivy shows up in something Batman related, even that stupid-ass Batman & Robin movie (Bat Credit Cards, anyone?), my interest increases. A LOT. XD

Anyway, this issue picks up after an assassin tries to kill Bruce Wayne. Although he’s perfectly capable of defending himself while still making himself seem weak and lucky, Penguin takes out the assassin for the good publicity. Naturally, Bats isn’t all that happy with that, but soon finds he actually needs to return the favour in a sense when he discovers that Poison Ivy, who recently was booted off the Birds of Prey after threatening to kill them all, is going to attack a paper mill partly owned by Cobblepot, thus endangering lives, including her own.

Naturally, Ivy tries to use her mind control kiss to make Batman do her wishes, but he has long since prepared a defence against that. However, it seems that Penguin has set them both up and kidnaps Ivy. What follows is a REALLY bizarre twist as Clayface arrives later to demand that Batman tell him where Ivy is, and what he’s done with his wife…HUH? We see in a back-up story afterwards that shows that Ivy did in fact break into Arkham to break Clayface out, saying they were going to get hitched, but…HUH?

Seriously, WTF?

Anyway, Detective Comics has proven to be much improved the past couple of issues, and a lot better than what Batman: The Dark Knight has provided, but it can still be better. Also, I have a slight issue with the story, but it’s actually not a problem contained within this one issue of this one series, so I’ll save it for another time. World’s Finest, I really wish they would write Power Girl a little less like an object. And finally, Earth-2 proves to be one of the best comics going right now. The team needs to form and form soon, but otherwise it’s just a TON of fun. And next week promises to be a ton of fun too, as next week I look at Batman, Batgirl, and Batman & Robin #14. And NO, I will NOT be picking up Suicide Squad, I am not quite THAT desperate to pick up as many Death of the Family tie-ins as possible. Ja né!


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