Daily Archives: October 28, 2012

Superman: Hero of the People My Fuzzy Ass

Y’know, part of the reason I haven’t been reading the Superman titles is…well, for one thing, I’m admittedly more of a Batman fan than a Superman fan, but in addition to that, I just find that Superman isn’t very well portrayed in either comic. One excuse I hear is that in Action Comics he’s supposed to be more a hero of the people. Well if that’s the case, clearly no one told the writer for the Superman comic wherein, during issue #13, we see Superman do THIS.

Now I know that might seem strange that I’d get upset over that sort of thing, because Batman might spy on people’s text messages and violate their privacy too, but usually to SOLVE A FUCKING CRIME or if he thought someone was in trouble, not to keep tabs on someone he’s got the one-way hots for. Also, really this is the most recent example of the issues with Superman’s personality as of the reboot. In addition to that, they’ve basically been turning him into Spiderman, and why you would ever wanna do that post One More Day, I will never know.

Look, you wanna retcon the marriage with Lois Lane? Hey, they spent a LONG time not involved before they got married, not as a big a deal as people treat it. You wanna get him outta the red undies? It’s 2012, we’re living in a day and age where fighting in armour as opposed to tights makes perfect sense, although with Superman I suppose it doesn’t really matter since he’s bulletproof anyway. You wanna hook him up with Wonder Woman? Hey, just because no comic I’ve read that had them as a couple worked doesn’t mean it CAN’T. But the one thing I ask of writers is that, for all those changes, they stay consistent with the core concept of the character: Decency, compassion, willing to help people with their issues both large and small, and standing up for truth, justice, and the American way. And by the way, I’m Canadian, and I STILL find his patriotism admirable.

Speaking of which, that’s another thing: STOP doing storylines that pretty much beat us over the head that Superman’s an alien. We KNOW he’s an alien. The thing is though, is that he was raised on HUMAN values and ideals, which I don’t think he’s upholding very well when he’s SPYING ON LOIS’ TEXT MESSAGES!!!

Next year, Scott Snyder will be writing a new Superman comic. I hope that he takes all of this into account when writing the character. Either way though, that’s all from me. Ja né.