Starslip Bio

Yep, here again with another bio for my fanfic. This time, we’re looking at GD’s partner/pupil and member of the League of High School Superheroes, Starslip.

Once again, because I can’t draw worth a damn, I used Hero Machine 3.0 Alpha to put together an image of Starslip. And yes, I know she’s dressed kind of like Sailor V, that’s kind of the point. It’s mostly for the act of distracting foes. But yeah, this is her finalised costume, but I’m not against changing it later on when she grows older.

Name: Cassie Doyle
Alias: Starslip
Age: 16
City: St. Jean/Mosswood City
Operates out of: An abandoned lab/Mosswood High School

Bio: Roughly around the time when Cassie hit puberty, she discovered she was inherently different from other people. One day during school, while one of her classmates was bullying her, she somehow made her body become super hard, actually hurting the bully as she tried unsuccessfully to beat her up. Very soon, her whole school began spreading rumours that she was a monster, but these rumours ending up attracting the attention of Tina Cade, a billionaire who had created a team of teenaged superhumans to act as superheroes. Moving to a new school in the city of Mosswood, her identity was kept safe and she was mentored and trained by other superhumans to control her powers. It wasn’t long until a holographic training exercise where she phased through a miniature star led to her receiving her superhero alias: Starslip.

Personality: Generally up-beat and witty, she tends to finish off opponents with a pun or joke, though the quality of these can be spotty at times. Despite her usual optimism, she also has a vulnerable and at times easily depressed side. She has something of a teenage crush on her mentor, the Green Defender, which can conflict with her better judgment at times. While she tries her best to follow instruction, she also tends to call people out on something if she feels they’re wrong or making a mistake. Cassie possesses an extremely long streak of good fortune, leading to her team-mates on the League of High School Superheroes referring to her as “The Flukemaster”.

Powers: Starslip has the power to change her own molecular structure. At any given moment, her skin can become hard as stone, her entire body can become intangible, she can increase or decrease her mass however she sees fit, she can defy gravity and fly, and even negate the basic human requirement for oxygen, thus being able to fly through the void of space. Her body also has a highly potent natural defense system that repels most forms of poisoning and illnesses.

Equipment: Her skirt actually houses a number of hidden pockets that house light-weight equipment. She usually comes equipped with specialised heat-seeking darts tweaked to specifically seek out the light and heat signatures given off by fluorescent light tubes.

Weaknesses: Her form altering powers require concentration to maintain. If she loses her focus or isn’t aware of a nearby threat, she can be caught off guard. While she has the power to repel most toxins, some require more time than others, leaving her unable to change her form and become vulnerable.

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