So I picked up Talon #1 today. I’ll tell ya, my expectations were high as a kite before Talon started. Then Talon #0 hit, and they went into low orbit. Now Talon #1 is out, and I gotta be a little honest with ya folks, it’s not as awesome as I though it’d be. It’s BETTER. ūüėÄ

Escape from the Court of Owls!

First off, I just gotta get this outta the way: I REALLY like Calvin Rose. The guy’s so awesome. He’s had such a tragic past, and yet he can still get in some nice one liners. I think probably my favourite scene of his thus far is when he climbs out of the car he was tied up in during Talon #0, takes out the Talon that attacked him, and says “Now I’ll only ask this once. WHERE THE HELL ARE MY PANTS?” And he looks like he’s supposed to be intimidating, but there’s just something about his choice of words there that make me double over in laughter every time.

Anyway, getting back to this comic, Calvin Rose is returning to Gotham shortly after the events of the Night of Owls crossover event. Apparently he’s checking to see if the Court is really gone or not. Not so much, it seems, when he trips a security system in a haunt of theirs and a Talon attacks him. He manages to disable the Talon, using some tricky techniques expected of an escape artist turned assassin, but collapses and is taken in by a man named¬†Sebastian¬†Clark. Sebastian says that he’s been monitoring Calvin as well as the other members of the Court, both current and former, and knows that the Court is in serious retreat mode, but that they are healing and will be back stronger than ever unless they are taken out before they can regroup. Thus Calvin is recruited as the one Talon against the Court of Owls, as they have been sentenced to die. ‘Course, the other Talons are already the walking dead, so I don’t really see a problem with that.

“Where do we start?”

Final thoughts: THIS. WAS. AWESOME. Is it the greatest comic I’ve ever read in my life? No. Does it have to be? Also no. Was it an enjoyable experience that I can’t wait until next month’s issue? Hell yeah. The only question this leaves me is when we’re gonna see THE crossover, because with Scott Snyder writing Talon AND Batman, it’s only a matter of time. Mind you, it’s best that he doesn’t pull the trigger on it right away, better to build up Talon a bit more before they cross paths, but when they do, it’ll be awesome, guaran-damn-teed. Ja n√©!


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  1. Error in the caption for the second image.

  2. Btw, your debut ep goes back up on Blip tomorrow. ^_^

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