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Tales of Dumbassery – Worst. First. Encounter. EVER!

Yeah, this is essentially the closest I will ever come to having a Counter Monkey story, though fortunately, like many of them, this one ends in horrible tragedy that is fun to laugh at.

Batman #13 – Dark Enough For Ya? O_O

Before I get started, I should note this is NOT a review. I’m not qualified to review comic books. I just want to talk about the big thing to happen in this book. With that said, let’s get on with it.

So yeah, for a few months now comic book fans have been aware of the impending return of The Joker, arguably Batman’s greatest and most infamous foe. For those unaware of why he had been missing for the past year, it’s because in Batman Detective Comics #1 of the New 52, the Dollmaker cut Joker’s frigging face off! And so for the past year, he’s been completely off the radar, unseen or heard by seemingly ANYONE, leading some to believe he might be dead or decided to leave Gotham for good. However, as most comic book fans can tell you, the Clown Prince of Crime never truly stays away for ever, and lo and behold, Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo have brought the Joker back in issue 13 of Batman, as he has returned to reclaim his face and then begin a new sick and twisted game with Batman.

Now we don’t actually see Joker’s face minus his skin, thank God, but we do see what he looks like now with his face crudely reattached with hooks and straps. So yeah, I present the new and sicker Joker.

“Now stop me if you’ve heard this one…”

…So yeah, he’s kinda creepy looking. Like, shit your pants horrifyingly creepy. Just in time for Halloween, eh? And he’s got a plan, OH MAN, does he have a plan. BUT, because I don’t wanna spoil the story (even though most people know the plan already), I won’t really talk too much about the plot. What I WILL say is that this Joker looks and feels like the ultimate psycho killer. And I swear, you read his dialogue and you can just hear Mark Hamill in his creepiest Joker voice ever, although I will say there’s maybe a bit of Heath Ledger in there too.

But anyway, Joker’s new game has already begun, and Batman is going to have to think and move faster than ever if he’s going to come even close to keeping up with the madman. And he’s not alone, as throughout the next few months, ALL of Batman’s closest allies, friends, and family will come up against Joker to try and stop his insanity for good.