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Speculations on The Spoony Experiment

I’ve been doing a lot of speculation regarding the current storyline taking place on The Spoony Experiment, although as of recent eps, I think it might be safe to refer to it as The Sephiroth Experiment, but I’ll get to that. But yeah, these are a few speculations on plot points that have occurred and how it’s all tying together, and possibly where it’s all leading. Also, this will obviously have spoilers for people who haven’t been watching for a while, to which I only grant a single chance to turn back.

Read a book people, I’m the goddamn SPOILERS!!!

…Anyway, with that out of the way, let’s start off with a big one. Oh, and please remember that I could be WAY off with any of these. It’s just speculation.

Burton is working for Sephiroth

This one should be obvious. At the end of part two of the Final Fantasy X-2 review, Sephiroth appears by Burton, and we see in the Skullduggery review that he’s gone missing. He mysteriously returns at the beginning of part three of the FFX-2 review, but it’s clear that his programming has been altered. Also, we see that upon seeing Spoony, something called the Geostigma Protocol has been engaged. I’m not entirely sure if this means that Spoony has Geostigma or that it’s simply a codename to link it to Sephiroth, but either way it’s proof that Burton has been reprogrammed to work for Sephiroth, and if that one doesn’t sell you on that theory, this one should.

What Spoony is seeing isn’t real

For anybody that saw the ending of the Game Over review, you know what I’m talking about. If not, I will explain: At the end of the review, Spoony comments on the lameness of the plot and how the villain sends the protagonist into a virtual world to remain until he goes crazy. As soon as he mentions this, he sees the ankh, the symbol of the Avatar, and we are treated to some Grade A nightmare fuel. In case it was moving to fast for you to catch the whole thing, allow me to slow it down for you.

This seems to suggest that Burton has placed Spoony in some type of virtual reality that is subjecting him to instances that are driving him further into his insanity and rage, and once he started to realise it, was shocked back into his virtual prison and set back on course. But what’s the purpose of doing this? Why subject him to all of this? Well, that leads into the next point…

Sephiroth is using Spoony to drop Meteor on the Planet

Okay, for those of you that don’t know Sephiroth’s backstory, I suggest that you go read up on it. A great summary can be found here:

If you don’t want to read about it, I will state the one thing about his story and his goal that most matters here: In Final Fantasy VII, Sephiroth planned to drop Meteor on The Planet, thus damaging it to such a degree that the Lifestream would have to emerge to heal the damage, at which point he would situate himself in the centre of the impact zone and merge with it completely, thus becoming a god. This seems to suggest that in the TGWTG universe (that Spoony’s show still takes place in, despite being fired), there is a Lifestream running through our world as well. However, rather than use Black Materia to call upon Meteor, Sephiroth seems to have utilized a different method: I believe he is actually using Spoony’s anger as a power source to drag Meteor towards the world. And because Spoony is currently residing in his virtual prison, he is completely unaware of what’s really going on…although it seems that someone has tried to warn him.

The Guardian and Sephiroth are NOT working together

Okay, I don’t want people to think that I’m suggesting the Guardian is a good guy hear. He very obviously desires to destroy and have people bow to his feet. However, I’m fairly certain that his goals conflict with Sephiroth’s. What makes me say that? Well, after rewatching the ending to the Ultima 9 review and the little Mass Effect 3 spoof that’s done there, the red and green endings seem to suggest that Spoony would cause the destruction of the world. As I pointed out before, Sephiroth’s character is not that of someone who just wants to destroy the world, and Noah Antwiler knows that better than anyone. Instead, I’m pretty sure that the Guardian is instead out to destroy and conquer and also to screw over Sephiroth’s plans.

So all of that put together, I’m pretty sure I can come to the following conclusions for what’s to come…

Spoony is going to review Final Fantasy XIII

This is what this current storyline is leading up to, no doubt. Noah has gone on record as saying that Final Fantasy XIII is, in his opinion, the worst Final Fantasy game ever (with possible exception being FFXIV, but let’s face it, EVERYONE hated that one lol). Plus, there’s the simple fact that Sephiroth gave him the case for the game, Burton was shown holding it at the end of the Game Over review, and it was inside the Armageddon spellbook when the Guardian gave it to Spoony. It clearly plays a role in Sephiroth’s plans, and as I alluded to before, they seem to be to bring Meteor down and merge with the Lifestream, thus becoming a god. Only by realising what’s been happening to him and breaking free can Spoony hope to stop him.

The three endings the Guardian shows won’t end up happening

Okay, I’m pretty sure the colour coded endings parodying Mass Effect 3 was just a joke, but even if it isn’t, I doubt very much any of them will be what actually ends up happening. I just feel that Noah is a bit smarter than to actually do that, or at least if he were to he would have some kinda follow up to it that doesn’t make it the end. Rather, his statement at the end of the Ultima 9 review and the look of determination in his eyes seem to suggest that he will find the fourth way out of this, stop Sephiroth, and save the world.

Anyway, those are my thoughts. Again, I could be VERY wrong in a lot of my speculation here, but it is just speculation, so don’t rip me to shreds if things don’t play out like I said. Ja ne!

Jyger’s Rant on Indefinite Hold

Okay guys, I know that what few of you that actually watch my show are probably wondering where the review of The Semi-Final Frontier is. The answer? Well, it’s not coming. Not any time soon anyway.

As anybody close to me can tell you, I’ve kinda been going through a rough time lately. And before anyone asks, NO, it’s NOT because of my recent breakup. It’s more than that. I really am beginning to consider that I have clinical depression or something at this point, given the way my mind seems to go out of its way to under-mind and sabotage me. No really, the other day my group at Key Industries was going to Jungle Jims (a restaurant) for lunch, and I had to drag myself out of bed, all the while my brain was asking me stuff like “Do you REALLY wanna go to work? Do you REALLY wanna go to Jungle Jims? Do you REALLY wanna be stuck in that restaurant and be forced to socialise with your coworkers?” Short answer, YES DAMMIT! But that’s just how my brain has been lately.

Lately I’ve taken to writing fanfiction, tribute and parody videos, and blogging. That seems to be keeping me in a better mood. So for now, Jyger’s Rant – The YouTube Series is on indefinite hold. Will I ever go back to it? I should sure as hell hope so, I had some great ideas for upcoming episodes. But for now, this is me saying not to expect a new review any time soon. Ja ne!

Everyone Reacts To “THAT’S A Paladin”

The sequel to my somewhat well known video, Everyone Reacts To “What’s A Paladin?”. Once I saw the ending to the Ultima 9 Review, I HAD to do this. Let this forever serve as a message to anyone who dares ask the question “What’s A Paladin?”. 😛

Footage belongs to The Spoony Experiment, Nostalgia Critic, Kickassia, Ring of Honor, Angel, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, Tekken: Blood Vengeance, and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

90th Blog Post! More Roster Contemplations for JLA Fanfic + Red Hood and the Outlaws Rant

So yeah, a few more superheroes I’m contemplating using. Even though I’ve already kinda got a storyline thought out, there are still spots on the team I haven’t decided on, so for my 90th blog post, let’s take a look at some more potential members.

Before I do though, there’s something I gotta address. A common thing you’ve likely heard me say is “I haven’t read any of the comics that _____ was in”. Well the thing is, I never really started collecting comics until a year ago, and the only ones I’ve been collecting are Scott Snyder‘s Batman (since the very first issue), Batman: Detective Comics (though I stopped collecting that recently), Red Hood and the Outlaws (again, dropped that because it stopped being a guilty pleasure and instead just became painful to read, but we’ll get to that later), Nightwing (starting with the Night of Owls tie-in, though I do plan to get the trade of the previous issues), Batman & Robin (again, starting with the Night of Owls tie-in), Earth-2, World’s Finest, and Batman Incorporated…Yeah, not hard to tell that Batman’s my favourite character, huh?

So yeah, prior to that, my knowledge of the heroes of the DC universe was limited to the DCAU which I still love to death, articles that I’d read online, wikis, and of course the greatest comic book review show EVER, Atop The Fourth Wall. After a while, I decided to start collecting comics myself, but since the reboot was on the way, I opted to wait until it started first since I felt it would be a good jumping-on point, and that’s the reason I haven’t read the comics involving a lot of these characters. Luckily for me, however, I have discovered the DC Comics Database wiki…or possibly unluckily, since I can’t seem to tear myself away from it for very long these days since the back-stories of a lot of these characters is so engaging.

So now that we got that out of the way, let’s go through some more potential members of the Justice League for my fic right now.

The Martian Manhunter

Reasoning: In almost every version of the Justice League’s origin story, Martian Manhunter played a role. I think the only major retelling that doesn’t is the current one for the New 52, and that’s only because he’s serving with StormWatch, and even then it’s suggested that he joined the League at some point but was kicked out due to some sort of fight between himself and the other members. I am actually contemplating involving StormWatch at some point if I don’t add him to the League in my fic.

Interpretation: Wise and knowledgeable (yes, there’s a difference between the two), though often times plagued with the loneliness that comes from being (one of) the last member(s) of his race. He’ll come with the basic run-down of his better-known powers without making him too similar to Superman (a practise I believe the DCAU did as well). He can fly, he can read minds, and can alter his body to make increase/decrease his mass, make himself invisible, shape-shift, phase through solid objects, and even regenerate from the smallest pieces of himself possible.


Reasoning: Okay, maybe instead of giving reasons why he should be on the team, I should address the reason people likely wouldn’t: That his ability to control aquatic life is “useless” in certain situations, like if they fight in a place with no water. Point made, but yer missing out on something else if you thought about it logically: Since he operates at the bottom of the sea, obviously a lack of oxygen isn’t a problem for him. He’d have to be much stronger, faster, and more reflexive than the average human to withstand the constant pressure. And finally, his natural senses would be enhanced as well. In particular, he’d need enhanced vision to combat the lack of light down there. Add in a badass nature to his character and his skills as a leader that come from being King of Atlantis, and I have to ask: Why WOULDN’T you want him on your side in a jam?

Interpretation: Pretty much everything I just said. And no, I’m not giving him the beard and the hook hand. I’m with MarkMadness on this one, I think that was an unnecessary attempt to amp him up and overdose him with badassness (not a real word, I know), and he doesn’t really need it.


Reasoning: Member of the Justice League on many an occasion, and in the New 52, he becomes one of the founding members…which is a good thing and a bad thing. Why bad? Well, because it means that the New Teen Titans never really happened at all, which is kind of irritating. Still, Cyborg is both an athletic powerhouse and possesses a high intelligence inherited from his father, thus proving to be a good choice.

Interpretation: Strong, athletic, intelligent, and comes complete with all sorts of high-tech gadgets in his body. I know a lot of writers tend to do a sort of conflict between the machine and the man with him, and while I may reference that he DID have that conflict, I think I want him to be pretty much over it and be just glad to be alive and saving lives. And don’t worry, I don’t plan to have him say “Booyah!” every five seconds, though I imagine it will be hard to keep him from saying it at least once if I do include him.


Reasoning: Oh boy…Okay, it’s because I like the character and that she has served as a member of the JLA before, but there’s more to it than that. If you’ll allow me to go off on a rant, there’s something I’ve been meaning to get off my chest about this character.

Starfire in the Teen Titans cartoon

Again, I got into the Titans through their animated series, and while Starfire wasn’t my favourite character (that honour goes to Raven), she was kind, sisterly, forgiving, and possessed a naivety that made her endearing. Now, I understand that in the comics Kori wasn’t exactly like that, and also had a liberated sexuality, and you can make your arguments on whether that’s a good thing for the character or not. The thing is, though, that while she made love with whomsoever she wanted, it was about making LOVE, not bonking for the sake of bonking.

Starfire and Nightwing: Lovers

And then Red Hood and the Outlaws happened, and she became someone who was generally uninterested with human beings, had her happiest thought being snapping the neck of someone who showed kindness to her while she was a slave, had her memories of BETTER stories wiped from her mind, the size of her breasts had the ability to change from panel to panel (okay, really it was the artists not knowing her breast size, but that would be a little funny in an admittedly sick way if they said that) and generally had sex with whoever she wanted all the while claiming that “love had nothing to do with it”.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #1

Now, I’m not gonna claim to be sitting on some higher moral whatever and that the idea of a character acting in such a manner offends me to my very core. If they just had a whole new character acting in such a manner, I probably wouldn’t have even taken much notice to it. What bothers me is that they did this with Kori! And the saddest part is, having her be amnesiac and hanging with Red Hood actually does make for an intriguing storyline. Hell, even knowing she slept with him one time is alright and at least makes for a plot point that you know will eventually hit the wall when Dick Grayson eventually finds out about all of this, and you just KNOW he will. That’s actually why I stuck with it for as long as I did, because it looked like the team was gelling together as friends more and they were heading somewhere with it, but when I opened issue 10 and saw that they were planning to keep up with this bullshit AND that it was a change to her whole species, I had to drop it because of how insulted I was. FU, Scott Lobdell. FU!

Red Hood and the Outlaws #3

…Okay, rant over. But yeah, let’s move on to interpretation.

Interpretation: I am very sorely tempted to make her exactly like her Teen Titans cartoon counterpart, but then again, she would be an adult in this, so…I’m thinking have her dialogue resemble how she spoke in that show, but have her more adult nature as well. Also, I’m thinking her powers should be more based off of her comic book version, and that she gets them by absorbing ultra-violent radiation.

So yeah, those are a few more of the heroes I’m contemplating. Now again, I have a general story idea thought out, so expect the fic to come out sooner or later. Til then, ja ne!

JLA Fanfic – Villain Contemplations

Okay, so even though I have an idea for an overarching villain to use for a story, there’s still plenty of room to involve other villains, particularly minor villains. So with that said, here are some of the villains I had in mind as possible characters in my fic.

The Condiment King

Reasoning: Because the mere existence of this guy cracks me up, but there are ways of making him seem like a threat…or at least more threatening than he comes off, anyway.

Interpretation: I haven’t read any of the comics he’s been in, aside from the scene where he battles Robin, Black Canary, and Blue Beetle, so personality wise he’d be similar to what we saw in Make ‘Em Laugh. As far as his tech goes, I’m thinking a wide array of weapons and gadgets that fall under his theme, though he will occasionally fall back on his twin ketchup and mustard guns just for kicks.

Jack, Ace, King, 10, and Queen

Reasoning: A group of petty thieves, armed with advanced technology. They don’t have any grand aspirations of world domination, they’re just out to take what they want and leave while they can. And if anyone gets in their way, innocent or otherwise, they will use everything they have to get them out of the way, permanently.

Interpretation: If you can’t guess from the image, Justice League Doom. And yes, I like that movie, I don’t care what anyone says. lol

The Joker

Reasoning: …Okay, I have to honestly give a reason here? REALLY? HE’s the mother f’ing Joker! He’s arguably the greatest comic book villain ever known, be he the laughing clown that pulls silly ass plots like showing he could pull the world’s greatest boner (meant something different back then) or the murderous psychopath that killed Jason Todd and put Barbara Gordon in a wheelchair for years (albeit both got better, which is frigging weird).

Interpretation: Wouldn’t you like to know? >:)


Reasoning: This is a villain that takes something that represents the innocence of a child and makes it seem threatening. Sure, maybe not quite to the level of the Joker, but he’s still kinda disturbing in that sense. Also, depending on the interpretation of the character, he can be goofy, psychotic, disturbing, or all of the above, which gives plenty of opportunities for a fanfic writer such as myself.

Interpretation: I actually really like the version from the DCAU, the one that looked like a doll bent on murderous rampage using toys that are equipped to kill. Although I hear tell that DC decided to create a character based off that interpretation called Toyboy, so I may just use him instead.

Harley Quinn

Reasoning: One of the most popular Batman villains ever. Harley Quinn surpassed the original intent of the character in creating a minion in a funny costume for the Joker in the Batman TAS and has become a full character of her own. How could I not contemplate using her for a story?

Interpretation: DCAU, obviously, albeit maybe with a slight edge to her, more inspired by her personality in the Arkham games.

“Where are Snowflame’s fuzzy slippers?!”

Reasoning: Once again, I have to thank/blame Lewis Lovhaug, AKA Linkara of Atop The Fourth Wall, for this one, along with his friend Will Wolfgram. Because of those two, this one-shot villain from a REALLY bad comic who gets his powers from snorting cocaine has been granted meme-status. Seriously, there’s no way I could avoid contemplating using Snowflame.

Interpretation: Will Wolfgram’s version, with the comic version’s powers intact. Yeah, he lacks a certain level of intimidation with that kind of mentality, but I think I could write him to be that dangerous AND that frigging hilarious.

And those are just a few of the villains I’m contemplating for this fanfic. Stay tuned, because next more possible heroes will be revealed.

JLA Fanfic – Roster Contemplations

So yeah, already gotten a few requests, both from people online and friends from work. Also, I’ve been thinking about a few heroes that could work into a story I had in mind. As such, right now I’d like to make a short list of some of the heroes I’m currently thinking about possibly using, why I’m considering using them, and the kind of interpretation of the character I plan to do. So let’s start off with one of the most obvious choices…


Reasoning: What would the Justice League of America be without “Mr. Truth, Justice, and the American Way”? And for the record, I’m very much Canadian and damned proud of it, but I can also appreciate the need for this team to have an all-American…granted, an all-American that’s from outer space, but hey, that just makes him more awesome, am I right? Oh yeah, and he is super strong, can fly at supersonic speeds, and is damned near invulnerable, save for exposure to Kryptonite, red sun light, and magic.

Interpretation: Mostly pre-DCnU comics version. Strong of will, body, and heart. He’ll usually try to end a fight quickly so that he can save anyone in the general area, and is highly protective of the Earth and her people. He’ll be wearing the classic tights, but I do have an idea for how he could get the DCnU armour later as well as reasons for using it.

Alan Scott

Reasoning: Because of course I would think of picking a Green Lantern, and who better than the original, eh? Plus, this way I don’t have to involve the Guardians of the Universe, who I hear have actually been revealed to be villains…which is not a huge shocker, I kinda figured they were evil for a while.

Interpretation: New 52 Earth-2 version. Why? Because in all honesty, I really love this interpretation of the character and his origin story. I actually like it better than the original origin story for the character from back in the Golden Age. Anyway, his powers are infused into his body by The Green, which he focuses through a ring transfigured from the engagement ring he was going to give his lover Sam just before his tragic death. He’s kind-hearted and respects the hell out of the heroes that came before him, and while he doesn’t believe he’s the most worthy of the power, he will use it to defend the Earth.

Diana of Themyscira

Reasoning: Much like with Superman, it’s hard to imagine a Justice League without Wonder Woman. The Spirit of Truth, champion of her people, she is strong and honourable, and has been granted powers and equipment from the Greek Gods. Oh, and she’s also got a frigging invisible jet. lol

Interpretation: Of course, the attributes of her character that I’d want to emphasise most is her strong will and her immense compassion. I don’t actually read Wonder Woman, so I don’t know that she ever actually wore the cape and wields the shield and sword as she’s seen on the cover of Gail Simone‘s run with the comic, but I just love the crap outta this design, so I think I’d wanna use it. Naturally, she’d never use the sword to straight up murder someone, just as self-defense or against robots or the like. And yes, I know she killed Maxwell Lord, it was a long time ago and she felt horrible to be brought to the point where she needed to do that…also, I’m not sure, but I don’t even think that’s canon in the DCnU anymore. o.O

Booster Gold

Reasoning: This one I probably wouldn’t have thought of if not for the fact that he was a request, but then again, why not? He’s a unique personality, can often-times work for comedic relief, and is obviously a capable fighter. Add in a robot buddy and that he comes from the future, and again I have to ask: Why not?

Interpretation: Okay, when I told my friends at work about this request, their jaws dropped and they told me it was a horrible idea. I’m pretty sure it’s because a lot of interpretations of the character make him seem like he’s only in the superhero biz for money and fame. He’s NOT, it’s just a perk for him, and occasionally an emotional smokescreen. And I think that’s the interpretation I wanna go with.

Jaime Reyes

Reasoning: Okay, this one is more because of Linkara than anything else. I’ve heard him talk on and on about how awesome Blue Beetle was before the DCnU. Based solely on what I’ve read about him, I gotta agree. He kinda looks like a mix of Kamen Rider Gatack and Mega Man, which is awesome, and I like the idea that he’s a young hero with a group of friends that know who he is and help him out…at least they did pre-DCnU, which leads me to interpretation…

Interpretation: Pre-DCnU. Okay, like I alluded to, I didn’t read Blue Beetle back in his awesome days, but I HAVE seen what the DCnU has done to him, and while a lot of good has come out of the DCnU, this is an example of some of the really, REALLY bad. So yeah, definitely his pre-DCnU days where the Scarab was his partner and his friends helped him as a hero.


Reasoning: …He’s Batman. Need I say more? Yeah okay, I know he hasn’t ALWAYS been a member of the JLA, sometimes operating as an unofficial ally and affiliate. But c’mon, this is my favourite superhero, how could I not consider using him? The only reason I don’t just outright say he’s in is because I’m concerned my love of the character might conflict with the story and that I might try to make him too badass.

Interpretation: I think the things I’d want to emphasise most are his master detective skills and ingenuity, as well as his athleticism. From a visual standpoint, his costume will most resemble his Batman Incorporated costume, but at the same time he’ll use a lot of the gadgets and tech seen in The Dark Knight trilogy and the Arkham games. In other words, this will be a very modern Batman.

Black Canary

Reasoning: At one point, Black Canary was actually the LEADER of the JLA. I think that entitles her to at least be considered for membership here. Sadly, I don’t really know too much about the character beyond that, just her powers and skills, and that she apparently was married to Green Arrow which ended in epic failure. Oh, and that she used to have a daughter that she had to give up. Okay, so I guess I know things that happened to her, but her actual personality, that I’ll need to do more research on before I give her a decision.

Interpretation: Again, that’ll have to be decided after I’ve researched her personality a bit more. Otherwise, I figure she’d be the highest ranking martial artist of the group if she’s on, and of course still have her Canary Cry. I would NOT, however, make her an outlaw as she apparently seems to be in the DCnU (haven’t read Birds of Prey, just the tie-in comic with Night of the Owls).

Wally West

Reasoning: Again, I could not do a JLA fic without considering using The Flash. So why Wally West? For a few reasons. 1) He seems to have disappeared with the DCnU, which I find to be wrong. 2) Apparently a lot of people find Barry Allen to be boring. 3) He was the first Flash I was really all that exposed to, thanks to the DCAU cartoon Justice League (later Justice League Unlimited).

Interpretation: Pretty much the Justice League Unlimited version. Cocky, comic relief, and genuinely cares for his team-mates. The only differences I would make is to include the abilities he has in the comics that were missing from the show, particularly his intangibility.


Reasoning: I love this character SO much. Sorry, I just do. And like with the other Titans, I tend to blame that on the Teen Titans cartoon, where she used powerful magic with a dark nature and a sarcastic sense of humour, usually would smack someone for trying to be comic relief. Now as I understand it, she’s nothing like that in the comics, but I still find that to make her a fun character that I have been itching to try and write for.

Interpretation: Personality wise, I gotta go with the Teen Titans cartoon, albeit slightly modified to work as an adult. Also, her powers and abilities will be something of a cross between those in the cartoon and those in the comics.

Anyway, that’s enough for now. I’ll list off some more that I’m thinking of using later on. In the meantime, keep am eye open as I plan to release a list of potential villains that’ll appear in my fic. Ja ne!

JLA Fanfic Pitch


Music is from Superman Doomsday, images are from Justice League Unlimited, Justice League Doom, and DC Comics.

The Dark Knight Rises – SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

So I just got back home from FINALLY seeing The Dark Knight Rises, and my immediate thoughts are that it was a good movie, definitely worth paying money for, but at the same time I will say that The Dark Knight is just a little bit better. It does work as the final chapter of the story that Christopher Nolan was telling with these movies, though, and while it’s not perfect, it’s still pretty damned good. My only issue is with the ending if it does in fact prove to be the absolute end to this story, but I’ll get to that at the end.

First off, let’s talk about Bane. This character works so well as the villain for the final chapter of this trilogy, as someone who can match wits as well as fighting prowess with Batman. I still prefer Heath Ledger’s Joker in The Dark Knight from a psychological standpoint, but then I wasn’t expecting to find him to be the better villain, so no let downs there. The only issue I have with him is that his voice is kinda weird, and what the hell is it with these movies and their love of funny voices? I will say that I am VERY glad they didn’t give him the Batman & Robin movie treatment, but at the same time, we later find out he actually is hired help for someone, but we’ll get to that.

I hear that a few people aren’t that thrilled with Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, I thought she worked great. Yes, she is very much self-centred, but she also does show to care for Bruce Wayne/Batman, which is shown when she comes back to save him and help save Gotham in the end. And yeah, she has no issue with killing bad guys, but then again, Catwoman always did tend to blur the line between hero and villain, so not so shocked she does so here.

John Blake, or rather Robin John Blake…I have only one issue with this character: the fact that his story is confined to this one movie. If we do get a spin-off with him, as a lot of people are speculating, that would erase my issue. My only concern is what they’ll call him, be it Nightwing, Batman, hell even Batman Beyond. I REALLY hope they don’t call him Robin, though, since that’s his actual name and would be confusing if that were his name AND his alias.

Miranda Tate…Can’t say as I’m too shocked it turned out she was Talia al Ghul all along. I actually kinda figured that Marion Cotillard was a misdirection for people that guessed it. Sadly, that’s a problem, that a lot of people knew going in, because that was supposed to be the big twist, that she was the real mastermind behind it all. The problem is that it’s revealed halfway through the third act and then she dies not long after. Personally, I would have saved it for the VERY end, right after the credits, that she’s in a headquarters for the League of Shadows and walks in, revealing her status and then could be a villain for Robin John Blake, again assuming we get a spin-off. Plus, that way Bane stays the main villain for this movie.

Alfred is kinda hard to make a judgement on for this movie. On the one hand, it is believable for him to finally have had enough to the point where he tells Bruce the truth about Rachel and then leaves, but at the same time I kept expecting him to come back, and he never does except at Bruce’s funeral at the end, but we’ll get to that later. I will say that he once again proves to be wise and inserts some occasional humour here and there…though part of me kinda wonders what would happen if he ever came across a scenario where he didn’t have a speech or anything prepared. lol

Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox is always so much fun to watch, and the same is true here. And frankly, that should come as no surprise at all. Not to mention the fact that Morgan Freeman adds class to anything he’s cast in. That’s really all there is to say there.

Commissioner Gordon once again works well in this movie, this time as someone who is trying hard to keep the streets clean while also being haunted by the choice he made at the end of The Dark Knight. Of course, the problem with that is that the truth is revealed and it’s pretty much spelled out for anyone that didn’t already know it themselves that the lie was a bad mistake, which is really the only flaw to The Dark Knight. Also, I gotta side with Linkara on this, why the hell does anybody in Gotham believe Bane when he reads Gordon’s confessional regarding Harvey Dent and Batman’s innocence?

And finally, we come to the Batman himself, and I’m just gonna ask this one question: Why in the hell did Bruce Wayne lock himself up in his mansion?! Hell, deciding to retire as Batman after what happened in The Dark Knight actually makes more sense than that, but hiding in Wayne Manor just because the clean energy thingy failed? It makes no sense! Plus, he heals a broken back over a 5 month period, and then crawls his way out of a giant hole in the ground with no harness, and then somehow manages to get back into Gotham despite the bridges being blown up and the city being sealed off as a No Man’s Land, and then proceeds to do his Batman voice even growlier, even when by then several of the people he works with knows who he is. He saves the day by flying the bomb out to sea, apparently blowing up with it, only for the viewers to learn he fixed the aircraft’s auto-pilot beforehand and ejected out so he could go live with Catwoman somewhere in secret while Gotham believes he’s dead and Robin John Blake is left with the Batcave…Umm, not a great exit, Bats…

Don’t get me wrong, this is still a good movie. The problem is that it’s one of those movies where the secondary characters are easier to relate to, are better written, better portrayed, more believable, or just more likeable than the protagonist. Batman’s ultimate decision to fake his death and leave Gotham to a new protector seems so at odds with the character that I know. Now if he were to come back in the spin-off-I-hope-to-happen as a mentor to Robin John Blake, that could work, because we’ve seen it work in Batman Beyond. But if the story is left like this, it’ll make Batman’s journey seem kinda…odd.

But anyway, those are my thoughts. Leave your thoughts, but please don’t get into an argument with each other in the comments section. Ja ne!

Delays, delays, delays…+ Kingdom Hearts 3D

Yeah, looks like the review of The Semi-Final Frontier is gonna be delayed a bit more, partly due to an issue in my personal life that’s making it hard for me to will myself to work on it (which if you know about it, please don’t comment, and if you don’t, I’d rather not talk about it at this time), and partly because I’m waiting on so-shipsahoy to do up a title card. Which is in no way a knock against her btw, she is SUPER busy because she does a lot of title cards for a lot of different people, and I knew that was a risk when I asked her, so there’s the reason why.

Also, I recently got Kingdom Hearts 3D, and OMFG it is AWESOME! Not even ten minutes in, this insanely fun, pulse pounding action starts up, and I am loving every minute of it. Yeah, the first world you visit is Traverse Town and I swear I’ve been there like a bajillion times in these games, but they make it unique this time by adding new areas and having the cast of The World Ends With You as the people you encounter. Also, love that there’s a glossary that explains everything that happened in the older games for newcomers. THAT’s how you welcome new gamers to a series, not “What’s A Paladin”. lol