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JLA Fanfic – Villain Contemplations

Okay, so even though I have an idea for an overarching villain to use for a story, there’s still plenty of room to involve other villains, particularly minor villains. So with that said, here are some of the villains I had in mind as possible characters in my fic.

The Condiment King

Reasoning: Because the mere existence of this guy cracks me up, but there are ways of making him seem like a threat…or at least more threatening than he comes off, anyway.

Interpretation: I haven’t read any of the comics he’s been in, aside from the scene where he battles Robin, Black Canary, and Blue Beetle, so personality wise he’d be similar to what we saw in Make ‘Em Laugh. As far as his tech goes, I’m thinking a wide array of weapons and gadgets that fall under his theme, though he will occasionally fall back on his twin ketchup and mustard guns just for kicks.

Jack, Ace, King, 10, and Queen

Reasoning: A group of petty thieves, armed with advanced technology. They don’t have any grand aspirations of world domination, they’re just out to take what they want and leave while they can. And if anyone gets in their way, innocent or otherwise, they will use everything they have to get them out of the way, permanently.

Interpretation: If you can’t guess from the image, Justice League Doom. And yes, I like that movie, I don’t care what anyone says. lol

The Joker

Reasoning: …Okay, I have to honestly give a reason here? REALLY? HE’s the mother f’ing Joker! He’s arguably the greatest comic book villain ever known, be he the laughing clown that pulls silly ass plots like showing he could pull the world’s greatest boner (meant something different back then) or the murderous psychopath that killed Jason Todd and put Barbara Gordon in a wheelchair for years (albeit both got better, which is frigging weird).

Interpretation: Wouldn’t you like to know? >:)


Reasoning: This is a villain that takes something that represents the innocence of a child and makes it seem threatening. Sure, maybe not quite to the level of the Joker, but he’s still kinda disturbing in that sense. Also, depending on the interpretation of the character, he can be goofy, psychotic, disturbing, or all of the above, which gives plenty of opportunities for a fanfic writer such as myself.

Interpretation: I actually really like the version from the DCAU, the one that looked like a doll bent on murderous rampage using toys that are equipped to kill. Although I hear tell that DC decided to create a character based off that interpretation called Toyboy, so I may just use him instead.

Harley Quinn

Reasoning: One of the most popular Batman villains ever. Harley Quinn surpassed the original intent of the character in creating a minion in a funny costume for the Joker in the Batman TAS and has become a full character of her own. How could I not contemplate using her for a story?

Interpretation: DCAU, obviously, albeit maybe with a slight edge to her, more inspired by her personality in the Arkham games.

“Where are Snowflame’s fuzzy slippers?!”

Reasoning: Once again, I have to thank/blame Lewis Lovhaug, AKA Linkara of Atop The Fourth Wall, for this one, along with his friend Will Wolfgram. Because of those two, this one-shot villain from a REALLY bad comic who gets his powers from snorting cocaine has been granted meme-status. Seriously, there’s no way I could avoid contemplating using Snowflame.

Interpretation: Will Wolfgram’s version, with the comic version’s powers intact. Yeah, he lacks a certain level of intimidation with that kind of mentality, but I think I could write him to be that dangerous AND that frigging hilarious.

And those are just a few of the villains I’m contemplating for this fanfic. Stay tuned, because next more possible heroes will be revealed.