Daily Archives: August 1, 2012

Delays, delays, delays…+ Kingdom Hearts 3D

Yeah, looks like the review of The Semi-Final Frontier is gonna be delayed a bit more, partly due to an issue in my personal life that’s making it hard for me to will myself to work on it (which if you know about it, please don’t comment, and if you don’t, I’d rather not talk about it at this time), and partly because I’m waiting on so-shipsahoy to do up a title card. Which is in no way a knock against her btw, she is SUPER busy because she does a lot of title cards for a lot of different people, and I knew that was a risk when I asked her, so there’s the reason why.

Also, I recently got Kingdom Hearts 3D, and OMFG it is AWESOME! Not even ten minutes in, this insanely fun, pulse pounding action starts up, and I am loving every minute of it. Yeah, the first world you visit is Traverse Town and I swear I’ve been there like a bajillion times in these games, but they make it unique this time by adding new areas and having the cast of The World Ends With You as the people you encounter. Also, love that there’s a glossary that explains everything that happened in the older games for newcomers. THAT’s how you welcome new gamers to a series, not “What’s A Paladin”. lol