Daily Archives: July 28, 2012

Jyger and N.Harmonik Visit Harbour Con-fusion

My day at Harbour Con-fusion, cosplaying as 90’s Kid from Atop The Fourth Wall. Also starring N.Harmonik, and a few of my friends from work, including one cosplaying as the angriest gamer you’ve ever heard. Also, I’m sorry for the crappy ass quality, I honestly don’t know what happened there. lol

Music is from Dawn of the Dead and Angry Video Game Nerd. Special thanks to everybody at Harbour Con-fusion, had a heck of a time, and let’s do this again next year. 🙂

A Tribute to Stephanie Brown

Well yesterday I decided to do up to things in relation to Stephanie Brown, AKA Batgirl, AKA Spoiler, AKA the fourth Robin. The first is a poster of a humorous moment between her and Livewire. Readers of the comic should know all about that.

The other is a short slideshow to the song “Nobody’s Perfect”, by Miley Cyrus…and NO, I am not a fan of Hannah Montana, I just thought the song suited the character. lol

Whether you think Stephanie Brown was the favourite Batgirl or not, regardless, I think most of us can agree she did not deserve to be seemingly completely dropped in the DC reboot. So if you like, love, or feel even remotely affectionate for this character, please support Waffles For Steph, a cause that hopes to eventually convince DC to bring Stephanie Brown back.