Jyger’s Rant – Dazzling the Nimbasa Gym

A two-part look at Dazzling The Nimbasa Gym. Was split in half due to it being over 10 minutes long. Oh, I also cover one other bizarre fact l hadn’t realised in time for my last video. Also, remember to watch past the credits for a funny bit I felt I needed to do, as well as talking about the next video I’ll be doing.

New personal goal in life: To someday see #AshKetchumIsDoctorWho trending on Twitter. lol


About Jyger85

Huge fan of wrestling, Kamen Rider, Power Rangers/Super Sentai, and video games. But I WILL talk smack when one of them tick me off. lol

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  1. I’ve got to say that is the best reply to my comment on the last blog. Happy to have your mind blown away by that. Because yeah when you look at Kyurem it does look like a zombie dragon. Thank you.

    Loved Poliwhirl’s freak out at Palpitoad. There are some 5 gens made to mirror other Pokemon in some sense. Some I like better than the older generations and some are okay, some work for me with the thought that there are many kinds of animals in the world. Like the two, both are frogs yet based on totally different kinds of frogs. With Palpitoad’s family, kind of creep me out, not the Pokemon themselves but the kind of frog they are based on. One that has eggs on it’s back, don’t know why but when I look at those pictures of those frogs, it creeps me out every time. So while it’s family doesn’t give me that feeling it does send chills up my spine knowing it came from that kind of frog.

    Yeah a plus to the series is Ash switching between his team, and that he has a large number this time aside from the few he gets and only uses them. Ash as a Time Lord…. that would explain a lot. Leaving the gym was a big head scratch for me. And strange with the battle fields thing, I could write up a better excuse to do what he did. Ash had Pikachu smash the field so that when it tackles Ash would have Pikachu use iron tail to whip some lose stones at the Tynamo to inflict some damage and stop it long enough to attack it head on for once. See, EASY!

    End result, loved how this one turned out and I really like Poliwhirl here, looks like he’s got a rival. I’ll have to work hard to finish some Pokemon blogs I’m drafting now, but it can be tough. Can’t wait for the next Pokemon related blog. x3

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