WTF Moments In Pokémon the Animated Series

So yeah, I’d originally planned to tackle this in a video, but since my cold’s still bugging me, I’m gonna take this on old school.

There have been a number of moments in the run of the Pokémon anime that have made me drop whatever I was hold and shout out “WTF?!” Not necessarily bad moments, just…weird moments, or moments that just caught me off-guard. So yeah, because I wanna share these moments with you all, here’s a collection of some of my WTF Moments in the Pokémon Anime.

Misty Almost Let's The Secret Slip

In The Heartbreak of Brock, a girl named Temacu falls in love with Brock in the typical shoe-on-the-other-foot scenario. She even fantasizes the two getting married someday, all the while Ash and Misty are watching, which results in Misty saying THIS…

Now, I THINK the implication is that either Misty let her secret slip that she loves Ash and he freaked out, or she was talking about them getting married to other people and Ash overreacted. However, at the time that I first watched this, my thinking was that I’d missed an episode, they had gotten together, and now Misty was already planning out their china patterns. Naturally, I had to scramble to check to see if I’d missed an episode, and until I had an answer, you better believe I was freaked out.

Pikachu and Swellow's Thunder Armour

In Ash’s battle against Liza & Tate for the Mind Badge, Pikachu and Swellow fly into some clouds and Pikachu fires off a Thunderbolt. The electricity is amplified and shot back at them, and instead of frying them (because remember that Swellow is weak to electricity), the huge electrical surge coats them in something called Thunder Armour that drastically increases their speed and power, even making them able to power through a Hyper Beam with no difficulty. What’s even worse is that Ash somehow knew that would happen and ordered Pikachu to do it. It was never used again, serving as Deus ex machina for that episode. BULLCRAP.

Buneary Defeats Phione and Joins the Beat-A-Legendary Club

I should explain something first: Dawn’s Buneary tends to get on my nerves. Not because of her personality or anything, but rather something a bit more simplistic: SHE NEVER LEARNS ANY MOVES! She knows three moves from her introduction to the series and guess what? She never learns a single new move in the who-knows-how-many episodes that she’s in the show before Dawn leaves the group. So to see her actually join the Beat-A-Legendary Club was infuriating, although as I understand it Phione’s status as a Legendary Pokémon is a hotly contested issue. Me personally, I usually prefer to think of it as one, and don’t really wanna change my mind just because of this episode pissing me off. Would seem lame on my part.

Charizard Loses To Dusclops

This one seriously pissed me off, partly because it’s Ash’s Charizard, partly because his opponent is a Pokémon not even fully evolved, and mostly because Dusclops was winning by pelting Charizard over and over with Will-O-Wisps, a move that should have done JACK-FUCKING-SQUAT to Charizard! And I don’t care that it belonged to the Pyramid King, this still shouldn’t have gone like this. Also, the finisher came after Ash made a bad call to have Charizard use Seismic Toss, but if I saw my best Pokémon at the time getting his butt whooped in a scenario that made no sense, I’d probably pull something stupid outta my ass too!

Pikachu Aims For The Horn

I think everyone has talked about this one. Basically, Pikachu faces off against Blaine’s Rhydon and, finding that Pikachu’s having SERIOUS trouble, has Pikachu aim a Thunderbolt at Rhydon’s horn…and this knocks it out…That doesn’t even match up with the often-times bullshit physics used in the show! We’re told it works because the horn essentially acts as a lightning rod. Ignoring that that’s an ability of Rhydon’s in later games that does the exact opposite, as well as the fact that as a Ground type Rhydon is immune to electrical attacks, 18 episodes later a similar strategy is used on a Bellsprout, and guess what? DOESN’T WORK, because the electrical current is sent harmlessly through to the ground. When you have two episodes that aired less than 20 episodes apart that take the same plan and give two completely opposing theories on what would happen, YOU FAIL! And yeah, I know they were written by different people, but was NOBODY overseeing what they were doing?!

So anyway, those are the WTF moments that stand out most to me. Comment as you like, and by all means, add your own. And with any luck, I should be feeling better soon and can finish work on my newest vid.

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  1. Don’t forget the baby Nidoqueen in ‘Mewtwo Returns’. I personally don’t have a problem with the offspring looking like both parents unlike in the games where it takes the species of just one because, let’s face it: they only did that so that you would know almost exactly what would hatch without having to waste time breeding your Pokémon over and over again to get the baby you want. The fact that Nidoqueen can’t reproduce in the games when Nidoking can also bothers me so I’m glad that’s not the case in the show. But just how can a baby hatch into a fully-evolved Pokémon? Is it because they’re the offspring of clones?

  2. First of all I got to say thanks. Because of you I decided to do my own blog and while I don’t have a lot yet I plan to add more and even some Pokemon related ones. Guys like the Critic, Linkara, and Spoony may have given me thought to say what I think it was you and your blogs that got me to do something with my thoughts. Okay thanks are done now on to the topic.

    A great list of a few things. Yeah it was strange that attacks work when they shouldn’t. Here is a good one, back in Gen 1 ghost types where a bad choice against psychic types. Not just because the only ones were part poison but ghost moves (and only Night Shade was the only real damaging move) didn’t work on psychic types yet when Ash had to fight Sabrina he went to get a ghost type.

    Another one is by the Unova region they say Ash is 10. Major bull! I heard that Ash should be 25 (for the time the anime started to now), but me personally I think they could get away with 15 (one for every season and 1/2 a year for the seasons like the Orange Islands and the Battle Frontier). I even remember them saying that when Ash got his 8th badge in the Kanto region that a year has gone by. Seriously what the hell!?

  3. I want to say something about the ”Charizard loses to Dusclops” one.
    First, Will-o-wisp doesn’t damage directly, but gives a burn status and
    even if it did damage then it shouldn’t be effective against a fire-type…
    Lastly, WHY would you use seismic toss on a ghost pokemon??
    (Everyone seems dumb, not only Ash. Good for him.)
    The anime really doesn’t follow the game rules… Makes me go Wtf at so many things.

    • I don’t think Will-O-Wisp should even have any effect on Charizard in the first place due to being a Fire-Type
      So no Burn status
      When I just look at that, its agonizing to see a favorite pokemon utterly humiliated like that
      I am shocked Charizard didn’t sort of started resenting Ash for that or at least angry at him.

      • Well, it’s not like that was Ash’s fault, either. The rules of how moves work just decided to completely change on them in the middle of a fight. lol

      • I meant about at Ash making that mistake he made(forgetting that ghosts are immune to fighting moves) and also that loss in general

      • Yeah, but like I said, at that point, clearly the rules of what should and shouldn’t work is being screwed with, so him just deciding to try something that’s taken down a few different strong opponents of Charizard’s probably didn’t seem that off. Trust me, I could make a long list of the dumbest things Ash has ever done in this show, and this doesn’t even come close to the top. 😛

  4. I’m glad I’m not the only one pissed about the “Thunder Armour”.
    We all know Ash can’t handle Psychics, but why did he have to go and try to off his own pokemon? How could he possibly know thunder wouldn’t have killed Swellow?
    That kid seriously needs a helmet.

    To attempt an explanation for the baby nidoqueen; I just assumed the baby was a nidoqueen instead of nidoran because the parent was a clone and not a real pokemon.(which would also explain why it was able to breed in the first place)

    • Wished they actually explored that Thunder Armor thing
      Would be something cool to do with Ash’s Swellow like they did something with his Greninja
      Too bad Swellow is stuck at the lab, never to see battle again

  5. The horn is metal and that rhyhorn didn’t have ablity that would protwct it from that it had rhyhorn’s other ability. I can’t answer charizard thing nor do I care to try. Misty’s slip was total dub added so don’t take it to heart. But I totally get the first reaction to it.

  6. I think the technical explanation for the Rhyhorn thing is that it IS ground, so the lightning rod effect would have pumped the lightning into it, as it is the ground.

  7. Im years late, but the whole Misty wanting to marry Ash thing isn’t the correct translation. In the original Japanese version, she talks about how the roles are reversed with Brock on the other end for a change.
    4kids actually changed the script, god knows why, and put the whole marry thing in instead.

  8. Wonder if WTF moments from the movies count too?

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