Daily Archives: February 6, 2012

The Work Privilege That Never Was

I don’t wanna give too many specifics here, since I’ll probably find myself shoulders-deep in crap if my bosses find out about me writing this, but something happened at work today that kinda pissed me off. At first, it seemed like a privilege of mine had been taken away. That pissed me off enough, but what made it worse was to find out the reason it was apparently being taken away is because my fellow clients and I were never supposed to have it in the first place. Again, don’t wanna get into specifics, only that the privilege had to do with vacation time, flew in the face of a ruling that apparently NO ONE thought to enforce, and it was costing money that we had it. Not really sure how much, only that it was A LOT.

Naturally, you can understand why this pisses me off: It was a waste of money, and it probably made us look kinda bad. Also, the privilege had the unfortunate side-effect of allowing me to be a touch lazy and get away with it, which is NOT a good thing. It makes me respect my bosses a bit less when I find out I was repeatedly doing something I was never supposed to do and that nobody ever told me, and frankly it makes me feel…well, kinda ignorant really. I often use the excuse “If no one tells me, how can I know?” Well unless the situation prevents me from doing so, by asking.

So yeah, I guess I don’t really wanna put all the blame on my bosses, but it still doesn’t speak well of them, and hopefully this doesn’t get back to them. And if it does…well, I have a full day of ass kissing in store for tomorrow.