…Is Elesa Really THAT Hot???

Okay, this is an issue that has bugged me for a while now. Elesa, the Nimbasa Gym Leader from the Pokémon Black & White games. Why is it that I can never seem to do a Google search about this woman without finding porn of some kind? No matter how specific I am about it, heaps of hentai pics of her that some guy with way too much free time in his hands drew of her keep popping up.

"The Shining Beauty"

And mind you, this is nothing new. This has been an issue from the first frigging time I searched her, which I’m pretty sure was shortly after she was first unveiled. Really? Do people have nothing better to do with their time?

Actually, I wish I could blame this on pervy guys (and possible gals), but the truth is the creators behind the games and the show and the manga are as much to blame for this. They do occasionally (be it on purpose or by accident) pose her to show her off. However, they also take care to show off the better parts of her personality, that she takes no crap from Bianca’s dad…but now I’m getting into spoilers. Look, just trust me, they make the best of chances to show she’s a good person.

Anyway, that’s really all I have to say on the matter. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have…stuff to do…

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  1. As I recall she is a model as well as a gym leader, so her posing is kind of natural for her since being a leader isn’t her only line of work. Besides it’s not as though there isn’t any hentai for any other female pokemon characters…. not like I looked for any…..

  2. I know how you feel. Sometimes when I look up photos on google that are suppose to be sweet, innocent, and at times G rated, I find at least one pic that’s porn related. It’s bad enough that some idiot on the internet took the song “Can You Feel The Sunshine,” from Sonic R, which is suppose to be happy and cheerful and innocent, and twisted it up as something dark, disturbing, and scary.

  3. Dark-Tzitzimine

    “some guy with way too much free time in his hands” Oh, irony.

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