8 Things I Would Do With The 6th Gen Pokémon Games

Yep, I’m here again ranting about Pokémon, but this time I thought I’d do something a bit different. Rather than talk about the pre-existing Pokémon and games, I thought I’d talk a bit about what I would do with the next-gen games if I was making them. So let’s not waste any time and look at 8 Things I Would Do With The 6th Gen Pokémon Games.

1) Not Another Fire/Fighting-type Starter Pokémon

Look, Blaziken is great, Infernape is great, Emboar…yeah, it’s okay. But the fact is, they should not have had the Fire-type Starter Pokémon evolve into Fire/Fighting-types three generations in a row. It shows a lack of originality in the starters. In fact, here was an idea I had: Have the starters evolve to become Fire/Dark, Water/Psychic, and Grass/Fighting. That way the rock/paper/scissors rule gets twisted a bit. BE ORIGINAL.

2) Add A New Type

We’ve only had 17 types for the past 4 Generations. I think tossing in one more to the mix would help shake things up. I keep thinking Light-type, but then I know I’d have to change the types of certain moves and Pokémon. Still, food for thought.

3) Bring Back The Ball Capsules

Why’d they get rid of these for Generation V? I loved these things. They brought uniqueness and style to something as simple as a Pokémon entering the field. It made for something interesting, and promoted creativity. But best of all, I just know that they’d only scratched the surface. There was way more that could be done with it, and I feel like they dropped the ball when they dropped the Ball Capsules…YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!

4) Drop The Pokémon Musica-…Wait, what???

Wait, I messed up, hang on…

4) Drop The Pokémon Musical For A Better Side-Game

Okay, can we PLEASE have a side-game that can actually affect the main gameplay, PLEASE? Like maybe winning them awards you cool items or access to a move tutor or something. On top of that, while the other side-games from earlier generations were fun in their own way, guess how many times I played the Musical game? Once. One time with my Audino. Was not impressed, especially since it seemed just like the first two rounds of the Pokémon Super Contest.

5) Include a Dark-type Gym

How is it that Dark-types have been around since 2nd Gen and we have yet to see a Dark-type Gym Leader? Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the presence of Dark-type Elite Four members, but a Gym Leader would be great too. But there’s another issue that I’d need to take care of first, so…

6) Put More Emphasis On Dark-Type Pokémon

I mentioned this before in my “10 Pokémon That Got The Shaft” rant, but it really needs restating: Dark-types need better moves and support. There really isn’t much variety to Dark-type moves, and there’s only a very small total of 39 Dark-type Pokémon. Y’know why such a big deal is made out of Darkrai? Because he’s the ONLY Legendary Pokémon that is Dark-type. Plus, with the apparent added emphasis on Fighting-types lately, there really isn’t much to fear from Dark-types AT ALL. This is something that I feel NEEDS to change. In fact, I even have a great idea for a Dark-type Legendary…

7) The Antithesis of Arceus

And no, I don’t mean a Pokémon that’s the devil. I’ve thought about that more, and I really don’t think there should be a Pokémon that is fully evil. Rather, how about instead of a Pokémon that created a region, how about a Pokémon that, enraged by the actions of a populace, cursed a region to utter destruction? Would make for an interesting story. Heck, if nothing else, it would be different.

8) More Varied HMs/More Powerful HM Moves

Every Generation (except for 1st Gen) I come across the same problem: There are too many Water HMs. This is a major issue, since only two of ’em are any good for battles. Heck, most of the HM moves are on the weaker side, though Surf is the biggest exception. Flash and Rock Smash didn’t start becoming useful for battles until 5th Gen, and in those games they weren’t even HMs anymore. Personally, I’d kinda like to see a Fire version of Surf, that lets you ride a Fire-type over lava.

And those are the 8 Things I Would Do With The 6th Gen Pokémon Games. Feel free to agree/disagree with my viewpoints, and also discuss what you would do with the next games.

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  1. I really love this article.

    1) Well lack of creativity with types of starters anyways. Heck Gen 4 is the first to have all duo-type final starters. But yeah, hope they break that trend. I’ve only let it slide since Infernape and Emboar look awesome.

    2) You know… I was thinking of a Light type too. xP Yeah some moves might have to be changed but it’s not like it hasn’t happened before, since some move types changed from Gen 1 and 2, and I don’t just mean Bite.

    3) Yeah that was fun and some of them you get words too. A sad thing to drop in Gen 5.

    4) I don’t say they should drop it, but I think it’s something they should for contests. While it is like those first two parts, I do think it’s far better than the old dance style of the Gen 4. Make that into the contests and then you’ll really have something.

    5) Something I always thought of too.

    6) I would say to change it to “More Dark Type Special Moves” Since as of now there are only three, Dark Pulse, Night Daze, and Snarl. And there are problems like Dark Pulse no longer being a TM, Night Daze is a signature move, and Snarl is an event TM that hasn’t come out. Sure there was an event for a Snarl Zoroark but it isn’t easy to get that move.

    7) An interesting idea that I didn’t think of.

    8) Yes! Surf makes for a good special move and Waterfall the physical. But as TMs are endless uses now one can find ways to make other TMs usable on the world map.

    Now for something a little different a few things that I would do for a 6th Gen that you didn’t add,

    1: Vs Seeker. The Seeker was fantastic in the Gen 1 remakes and made it to Gen 4 (not to the Gen 2 remakes… since the phone was for that). But I was sad that the Seeker was not added in Gen 5. There are a good number of battles but they are only once a day things, I want to battle a random trainer on a route again.

    2: Create your own gym. Story goes that you find a trainer who wanted to be a gym leader in an old building, he/she fights you and loses. After that they realize you can be a better gym leader than him/her and gives you the building and gives you information on how to make the gym the way you want it. It will start off as a single room, but as you spend money you can buy all kinds of things to add to your gym and even hire NPC trainers and find a place for them. You can even make your own badge. So using Wi-Fi friends can try out your gym. And as to be sure before finishing your gym you would have to make your way to the leader spot, so people don’t end up making gyms where they can mess with people.

    That is a few things that I would do.

    • Oooh, I like those ideas!

      • Thanks, I always thought of making your own gym would be total awesomeness, and the Vs Seeker SHOULD stay in all new generations. And some others that came to mind…

        3: Connecting to older Generations in a style like Gen 1 and 2. If there is one thing that bugged me most in the newer generations is that you can’t send back pokemon and that they can’t have HM moves. It really needs to stop, since I have a Surf and Fly Pikachus in my HG game that I would like to sent to my White game. So I think it would be a good idea for them to connect like before and connect to generations 3 and 4 along with 5. And with items… well they spotted them with Gen 5 but they should have fixed it up so that ONLY TMs can’t be on a pokemon.

        4: Pokeathlon. While contests should come up again I think the Pokeathlon should also be an ongoing thing in the games. They’re really the first mini-games where you control your pokemon, and almost like the Stadium games. Plus they are the best spots for getting stones.

        5: Bring back some of the old TMs. What I liked about Gen 4 was that the same TMs were there but they added more. And there are some TMs I liked that they got rid of in Gen 5, like Dark Pulse and Dragon Pulse. And with now endless uses why not have some of the good TMs back again?

        6: Improved GTS. Now the GTS Negotiations in Gen 5 was a big step up in trading, along with trading in what is in a box and trading with the C-Gear, but the GTS can use a touch of improvements. It has the same problems as before, you’re only able to see a few trades rather than as many as you can. You only see 7 (I think that’s the number) and only that. I think you should be able to go through as many as you can. And maybe with Global Link have a GTS on there (like the old GTS site before) that can let you look if you don’t have the game on and can give you a code you can enter when you do get to the game so you can enter the code and find the trade faster that way.

        7: Custom Main Trainer. Something that I thought about Battle Revolutions for the Wii, it offered a LOT of new great stuff though sadly didn’t give the things it should have had already. One of the great new things was the custom trainer. It would be nice to start as anyone would but got things to give the trainer a look different than the others. Yeah something else to spend game money on… well now in White I have everything and Maxed out money, custom stuff like a Trainers looks and a gym would be a good use of making the money have meaning again.

        Now I’m fresh out of ideas. x3

  2. If Ball Capsules ever return (probably when Diamond and Pearl are remade…), I hope they make it so you don’t have to detach them every time you store the Pokémon in the PC.

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