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Re: Lewis Lovhaug is NOT Your Slave

…Okay folks, this has been LONG overdue, but there’s something I need to say: I’m sorry. I’m sorry if I made any of you that watch Lewis Lovhaug’s History of Power Rangers videos feel like I was lashing out at the whole lot of you. I’m sorry if I overstepped my limits as one of his fans. I honestly didn’t mean for anyone to get hurt feelings, and I am very, VERY sorry if that is what happened.

For those of you that don’t know what I’m talking about, I will explain. A little over a month ago, I wrote a blog entry entitled ‘Lewis Lovhaug is NOT Your Slave’, in which I pretty much lashed out at a group of people who had actually made the suggestions that Lewis Lovhaug, AKA Linkara, drop his regular show and main source of income, Atop The Fourth Wall, so that he could work exclusively on History of Power Rangers. However, as I suppose I should’ve known would occur at some point in this blog, the more I open my mouth to let off some steam, the more likely it is that I offend some people. And apparently, that’s what happened as many of Lewis’ more patient fans thought that I was basically lashing out at EVERYBODY. That wasn’t the intent, and I apologise to anyone that were affected negatively by this with no justifiable cause.

The other thing I did was that I posted re-worked lyrics to the song ‘George R. R. Martin Is Not Your Bitch’, turning it into a song about impatient viewers of History of Power Rangers insisting that Lewis get the next episode out when they wanted instead of when was realistically possible and basically my attempts to tell them that there’s plenty of other entertaining shows to watch while waiting for the next episode. Any and all insults in the song were really meant to be harmless nods and jabs. As it pertains to the song though, I have three things that I need to admit to right now, albeit it one of them I had already outright stated and another I had hinted at.

1) The song was not my original idea, I decided to do it after Arkle of http://arklecast.blogspot.com/ suggested it on the TGWTG forums.

2) My girlfriend, PinkRangerWannabe at http://pinkrangerwannabe.blogspot.com/, actually did darn near all the lyrics herself, though I would imagine she did so mostly out of a desire to keep as much swearing as possible out of the song (she doesn’t approve of swearing at all, as I can personally attest to, :P). Though above all others I take credit for the SF Debris line because I made it my goal at some point in my blog’s run to give his work a cheap plug, because that’s how I roll.

3) While the song did get a laugh out of Lewis himself upon reading it, I have to admit to something upon reviewing it myself: The song is neither all that funny nor cleverly written. This is because the lines are practically copied word for word from the original song and altered so that George R. R. Martin becomes Lewis Lovhaug, writer becomes reviewer, and read becomes watch. NOT CLEVER. And yeah, like I said, I didn’t write most of it, but I DID approve and post it.

Finally, there’s one other thing I need to admit to, and this is one other reason that has led to this apology/confession: Most of the hits on my blog on WordPress are from that one blog entry…which has actually been somewhat infuriating given how much more I’ve tried to cater to the video game, wrestling, and Tokusatsu fan-bases lately, and yet still that entry is what brings the most people in. Swell.

Actually, to be honest, that IS part of the reason it stays up, because so many people come for that and that I hope it leads them to read the rest of my stuff. The other reason is that I like keeping it there to serve as a reminder to myself as to which ceiling I REALLY shouldn’t go crashing through.

Anyway, I hope that this write-up has healed any feelings that were unjustifiably hurt by my earlier blog entry, and in addition, I would also like to apologise to Lewis Lovhaug himself as, upon looking back at aforementioned blog entry, I almost feel like I was trying to address his fans for him instead of letting him be the man we all know he is and take care of any issues he had himself. So again, to all those negatively affected by this, my deepest apologies, and I can only hope you can all find it in yourselves to forgive me, though admittedly either way I’m not going anywhere.