Zelda Chronology: Ghirahim is just CREEPY!

Just a little side-story I thought I’d talk about. I was going through various videos and information on Skyward Sword so that I could talk about it in the Zelda Chronology later on because, as I have to admit to, I have neither played the full game nor own a copy. I will explain why that is when we come to it, but for now, just know that I haven’t. Anyway, one thing that definitely caught my eye in this game is the main villain for the majority of the game, Lord Ghirahim.

"I am the demon who presides over this land you look down upon... The surface."

I’m just gonna say this upfront: Ghirahim is the creepiest villain in Zelda history, but that’s good because it makes him stand out. But there was something else odd about him, that I just couldn’t let go. It was during the cut-scene prior to the second of his boss battles, when he’s changing into his black gloves and he’s showing off the weird patterns on his body. He kinda reminded me of…

Drawn by WforWumbo on deviantArt

…Yep, that sounds about right, except that whereas I find Lady Gaga to be kinda hot, Ghirahim is just kinda…creepy. As evidenced by THIS.

…Oh, and one other bit of footage I wasn’t able to get in there, when he scores a hit on Link with his sword in boss battles, he actually LICKS HIS SWORD CLEAN!

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